In this country, my grandparents decided to pay for education of grandchildren

January 25, 2017

It is scientifically proven that raising grandchildren has a beneficial effect on the state of the brain of older women. But if the grandmother continues to work to devote much time to the grandchildren she will fail. In this country figured out how to solve this problem.

In February of this year, Turkey will launch a program of financial support of grandmothers sitting with their grandchildren on weekdays. Ordinary pensioners receive from the state from 1000 to 1800 TL per month (250-450 USD). The new initiative offers grandparents a Supplement of 400 Turkish liras ($105 US).

It is expected that this program will help in the employment of Turkish mothers: if the grandmother will take over some responsibilities for child care, a young mother will be able to reach full working day.

However in the first six months, program participants will only be 1,000 families in the Turkish provinces of Izmir and Bursa. Then the experiment will start in other regions of the country. Eventually retired to care for her grandson in Turkey need to obtain half a million grandmothers.

Not everyone in Turkey agrees with this idea. Many women’s organizations have said that the government is a way to avoid unnecessary spending on maternity allowance.

Source: Anna Stachura

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