In the network appeared the photo of a pregnant Pelageya in swimsuit

August 22, 2016

The pregnant singer went on vacation in Sochi. Photo artist with a rounded tummy, dressed in a swimsuit closed, leaked.

Pelagia and hockey player Ivan Telegin was secretly married on June 16. Young tied the knot in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. The whole ceremony was kept secret, and the news about their marriage got into the press only two weeks after painting. Shortly after his marriage in the media started talking about the pregnancy of the singer, who refused all work offers to all the free time to devote to the family.

Neither Pelagius nor her husband official statements about the imminent addition to the family do not. However, the Network has already got a photo of the actress with a rounded tummy in a closed swimsuit. The singer went on holiday to Sochi together with her friend Catherine, with whom they settled in the hotel Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana in the resort village of esto-Sadok. According to another friend of the family star, Olesya Anoprienko, pregnant celebrity due to the undesirability of long flights went away on domestic resort, where carefully studied the book, Tracy Hogg, “What does your baby?”.

“The fields together with her friend Kate and her child went to Krasnaya Polyana. Long flights during pregnancy is not very desirable, so they left it in Sochi: two hours in a comfortable business class – and is already in place. At sea, they didn’t go – still in her position to visit the public beach is not worth it – there are too many prying. Most of the time the Fields were under an umbrella near the pool, reading a book, which she was advised” quoted her “StarHit”.

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