Husband of Ekaterina Klimova first told about family life with actress

July 1, 2016

The husband of the actress are always guarded her personal life from prying, but he recently gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about family life and little daughter.

38-year-old Ekaterina Klimova always avoided questions about his personal life. She had not discussed their relationship with her husband, actor Gela Meskhi, which last autumn gave birth to her daughter Bella. The artist is actively engaged in social networking and frequently shares photos of their children, and the wife showed fans only recently. She published a joint photo with him on his 30th anniversary.

Gela himself categorically refuses to discuss his personal life and discuss their family. But apparently, the actor has decided that his happiness has nothing interfere and for the first time talked about the relationship with Catherine. “I just fell in love and was ready to do everything for his beloved. I think the marriage has bonded our relationship. Before I could go out with friends to hang out – watch football in the bar. And today I don’t need it – you can watch football on TV at home in the family. So I gained a lot more than lost. So today we can safely call yourself a happy man. I have a wonderful family,” admitted Meskhi.

In addition, he described how hard he and Catherine had at the beginning of their romance. “It was a difficult period. And photographers were everywhere – in bushes, under cars… I Wrote some shit. Where you getting this information, is unclear. We tried as much as possible not to pay attention, although it was hard and wanted to scream: “Guys, enough, leave us alone!” All survived and live on,” said Gela. According to him, it is because of similar situations they Klimova and decided to hide from all of his personal life.

Young dad admitted that he is enjoying fatherhood and family life. “Remember in the hospital, Kate said, “Look, what a beauty. Daughter is really pretty, angel. Although all parents probably think their child is the most beautiful. Before marriage I thought I must be a star, strive for professional success. Now, understand: happiness is in our children. It’s a miracle that I love”, – said the actor of “Antenna-Telesem”.

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