How we treat Pets. 10 subtle ways

August 25, 2016

Still in doubt whether to have a pet? We give 10 reasons why it must be done!

They lift the mood

It suffices to observe any living creature, even the fish in the aquarium, to get rid of anxiety. At this time in the body do occur physiological changes that affect the health and mood. Reduced levels of cortisol, a hormone involved in the development of stress reactions, and increases the level of serotonin — the hormone of happiness. You gradually calm down and your physical condition improves.

Reduce blood pressure levels

Of course, weight control and physical activity was not canceled. But studies show that pet owners are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and fast pulse.

Help to reduce cholesterol in the blood

Those who have a home live animals, are less likely to suffer from high cholesterol, perhaps this is due to the fact that the owners often lead a more active lifestyle.

Cats and dogs are treated heart

Studies that were carried out for 20 years, it became clear that the owners of cats heart attacks happen on 20% less, and the owners of the dogs are much better is the recovery after a heart attack. Mortality after heart attacks is reduced more than three times.

Help fight depression

Psychologists and psychotherapists are very often advised to get a pet people who suffer from depression. Dogs and cats are creatures that love you selflessly and sincerely, they are the best listeners in the world who can tell what your soul is. Besides, people feel better when they know someone needs their protection and care.

Support our physical form

Dog owners know that walking twice a day is mandatory and a daily half-hour walk (15 minutes in the morning and the same evening) is the minimum of physical activity that is needed for anyone, regardless of age.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Cat owners less likely to suffer from strokes. Perhaps it is because cats, like anyone else, know how to soothe.

Help to communicate

One of the most important components of psychological health – communication. People need it . It is believed that if a person within three months has not made a single new acquaintance (at work, in the store, in the Park anywhere), it comes depression.

From the owners of dogs this is not a problem, because there is always the opportunity to chat on the Playground or in the yard. Even if you are a shy person, your dog will always be suitable to meet other four-legged, and at the same time you perequisites a few words with the owner.

Strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of allergic reactions

Recent studies have shown that in families where there are dogs and cats, children are less likely to suffer from allergies. Scientists explain the transmission of microflora in the animals babies. Close contact, apparently acts as a vaccine, and as a result strengthens the intestinal flora, enhances immunity and reduces the development of food Allergy.

The same can be said about children who live in the village and contact with Pets.

Help for chronic pain

Mexican hairless dogs Xolo is so hot that is used instead of the analgesic for fibromyalgia. They will ease the pain if you put the dog on legs or just lie down next to her. Some are even trained to snuggle around the neck.

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