How to water the cucumbers

July 13, 2016

You give the cucumbers a lot of attention, and they grow poorly? Maybe it’s the wrong watering: cucumbers are very sensitive to this. Let’s do it!

Watering cucumbers in the open ground

Cucumber is, in fact, vines. Once delivered to us “domesticated”. So they really do not like cold and lack of water. If these conditions continue long, you can lose the whole crop.

Most varieties of cucumbers are advised to irrigate:

  1. The first time after planting, before flowering again in 4-5 days at 5-7 liters per square meter.

  2. During flowering and fruiting again in 1-3 days 6-8 liters. The real frequency in this case depends on the amount of rainfall and temperature on the street.

However, to ruin the cucumbers and in the normal amount of water – and all because they are very demanding on the watering procedure. This, incidentally, applies to cucumbers growing in the greenhouse.

So, what are the rules for watering cucumbers?

  • Water them with warm water that has rested in the sun.

  • If it’s water from the Central water pipe, soften it with vinegar.

  • The best time for watering is in the evening so that water does not evaporate quickly.

  • Do not fall for the leaves, otherwise the drops become magnifying glasses and burn the leaves. And if they have too much water will rot.

  • Cucumbers can easily be watered from a watering can without the spray right at the root. Their roots lie shallow, so the ground after watering gently loosen.

Pour cucumbers in the greenhouse

In their greenhouse, polycarbonate or film is more suitable for cucumbers the climate is warm and humid. Don’t forget air daily, better in the evenings.

Water the cucumbers in the greenhouse you need through the day, and if dry weather every day. If the soil settles and the roots – be sure to pour the earth.

In the greenhouse it is much easier to arrange automatic watering techniques. For example, drip irrigation from plastic bottles: put the bottle under every Bush cover down to make the cover holes, the water itself will flow into the ground.

Another way is to dig a furrow along the beds of cucumbers, fill it with water, sparing, then gently was added dropwise and loosen the earth. Such a supply of water to the cucumbers will last for 5-7 days.

Finally, it is possible to stretch out along the beds with cucumbers hose to make holes in it and occasionally put warm water.

If you know the rules of watering cucumbers, you can save them the trouble and get a great harvest!

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