How to visually enlarge the room

January 15, 2017

We show you how to visually enlarge a small room by using simple techniques.

How to visually enlarge the space in a small room

  1. How to visually enlarge the room using Wallpaper? Make the dark one of the walls, then the area will go by the wayside.
  2. More mirrors! They reflect light, create depth and space. How to enlarge the room using mirrors, see here.
  3. Use large and colorful prints are only accents, not major items.
  4. Choose glass, acrylic surfaces. They are thoroughly visible.
  5. Use the light in at least three corners of the room, to avoid blind shady places.
  6. What colors visually enlarge the room? Paint the bookshelf the color of the walls and choose curtains to match. They will merge, creating a single, more airspace.
  7. Small room with tiny furniture appear smaller than it actually is. Don’t be afraid of large items!
  8. Hang a curtain from ceiling to floor to the ceilings seemed higher.
  9. Add furniture without backrest: Ottoman, Ottoman, stool do not create visual clutter.
  10. How to visually enlarge the room yet? Lay a large rug: a view he will be attracted to its outer edges, which give the room a sense of volume.

Wallpaper visually expand the room

If you think about how to visually enlarge the room using Wallpaper, remember that the smaller drawings make the space more, and Vice versa. Try not to use curbs, especially in the center of the wall. Give preference to the Wallpaper in vertical stripes or monochromatic light Wallpaper. One wall can be darker.

What colors visually enlarge the room

Still don’t know how to visually enlarge the room? Another tip – use more bright colors. The less furniture, dark corners and piles in the house, the more it will seem. Prefer beige, cream, light pink, light green and blue items and colors to wall decor. Dark heavy shades just will not do your room more.

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