How to use the remaining food, less to throw away and save

October 2, 2016

For this you need to understand that the same product can act in different roles you have in the kitchen. Depending on the freshness of your inquiries, and… your quickness. Together with the TV channel Fox Life learning rational approach to shopping, the right to use the remnants of food and cooking for the family a delicious home-cooked meals.

Homemade semi-finished products

Yes, sometimes products just need the time to save. Time to indulge in cooking, properly Packed and put in the fridge in a timely manner to freeze. The most correct and economical option is to prepare homemade convenience food. The rule is to buy groceries for a week or two ahead. More profitable to cut the chicken, meat or fish yourself than to buy ready-made mince, chicken Breasts or wings. 3 chilled whole chicken will provide you and a set of wings, beer, and diet fillet for meatballs, and adorable children chicken for dinner and soup set. Profitable!

Feel free to buy in the market meat on the bone: it is cheaper than the fillet from the bones you are cooking a great soup, and the flesh will go on steaks, roasts or ground meat.

The same principle works with fish. View online recipes salting fish, will buy the carcass of a salmon, chum salmon or coho salmon entirely. The middle fish cut into fillet: half goes to the steaks, half – glazing, head-and-tail – soup or fish soup.

Remains sweet

If you cooked for dinner the chicken, but it was a piece dry roasted breast, which no one likes – slice it into thin slices and prepare delicious sandwiches for my husband to work. Or chop in a blender and put in the spaghetti sauce. By the way, and Olivier with chicken breast can be prepared not only for the New year, isn’t it?

The remaining after the party, wine to use for braising meats, any beef roast will fight him only if you put in a pot polstakanchika wine. Not going to marinate and cook? Freeze leftover wine in molds for ice.

Milk. Fresh use as you like, but slightly podcase, do not hesitate to let the pancakes.

Cheese. Fresh cheese is delicious by itself, and one that lay, require heat treatment. From it prepare cheesecakes, lazy vareniki, quiches and tarts.

If, after the arrival of the guests left a lot of slicing – cheese, ham or sausage, arrange on a next day dinner with pizza, it will also beneficial herbs and olives.

Do not buy ready-made products

For the money you will spend on the purchase of pizza, which is enough to heat up in the oven, you could prepare two baking trays with homemade pizza. Yes, sometimes time is of the essence and you can’t mess with the test. Then buy just the dough! About 100 rubles a kilogram worth of non-frozen ready dough in the pavilions-bakery, where lavash is baked. Of this amount, you can bake a mountain of pies with any filling to make sausage rolls that I love children, bake a pizza or khachapuri.

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