How to use a cage in the interior

January 22, 2017

We told the decorator, painter and author of handmade items Anastasiya Grineva.

The popularity of these colors is due to the fact that on the basis of their harmonic simplicity, you can create an infinite number of comfortable combinations, playing with the mixing of colors used, somehow combining in one ensemble of different complexity images of the same color. It is considered that the oldest option is plaid, tartan or, more correctly, the tartan. Long used in home decoration, this colour is associated primarily with interiors, imbued with respect for tradition: from the discreet luxury of an English gentleman’s clubs, with a friendly country, Alpine Chalet or simply a home with a warm wool blanket. The scope of this print is not confined to textiles. Checkered pattern used on the Wallpaper, the tiles, accessories and even on the surface of furniture. This diversity allows us to use cell in the design of any room, it is only necessary to choose a good Supplement.

Stripes, polka dots, zigzag, wave, the cell is the most striking prints in textile design.

Decorative textiles

In support of the furniture with plaid upholstery can make curtains from the same fabric or the same color other interior items: lamp shades, bedspreads, table linens and even upholstery of the walls.

Pillow on chair “Tavern of poets”, “Interior shop”, 1096 RUB.

Shade plaid, Green Gate, 1790 RUB.

Cushion for stools “Mother cell”, “Interior shop”, 2028 RUB.

It is important not to overload cleared space plaid accents!


Looks very impressive contrast checks in the upholstery. It can be supplemented with plain cushions or, conversely, to put a bright plaid decorative pillow on a sofa or armchair with monochrome upholstery.

Chair of hardwood,, price on request Chair EKTORP Annealed, cage, IKEA, 7999 RUB.

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