How to stop constantly to wash. The three-day system

July 1, 2016

Most families with children, as a rule, a lot of washing. Sometimes it turns into an endless slog. If you don’t want to turn into a free Laundry service, we invite you to try a new system of washing from the channel Fox Life

The point of this method is to wash no more than once a week. The first day you wash all the dirty things on the second sort, and the third clean in the wardrobe. After that you just forget about the dirty clothes on for four days! Not so sad, isn’t it?

Day 1. Wash

If you are a non-working mother, then let a day for washing will be Monday.

If you work, choose the free day in the week when you spend at home more time. Don’t forget to program a delayed start: you can load the drum in advance to set a convenient time, to which they will be washed. For example, in the morning, or that hour when you come home from work.

So, on Monday we wash all of their belongings and clothes, husband, kid stuff, bedding, towels, sheets, etc.

Use one powder for all things

It is not necessary to buy a separate powder for children (unless your child is not allergic), separate washing gel for black, one for colored clothes, etc. most Often, we wash ordinary clothes and not silk and cashmere. And perfect universal washing powder (or liquid gel) for colored fabrics. Most importantly, choose a good remedy, which you will be satisfied. If things are badly soiled, add non-chlorine bleach, and if you are afraid that they will turn, put it in the drum wipes for washing, which capture the excess dyes. It will save your time, and you don’t have to boot the machine several times.

Separate the whites from the colors, only if it’s clothes for adults
Just give yourself a separate Laundry hamper for black and white stuff and place it for example in your bedroom or bathroom. Baby stuff – often colored, so don’t even try to separate them.

Wash separately adult and children’s things

This can be unnecessary if the child is alone. But if a lot of children, this method will help you to sort things later when they are dry.

After washing, remove clothing from the machine and carefully spread

Even if you have a tumble dryer or drying function in the washing machine. Desire things, you will immediately see whether the washed off stain. And if not washed off, you can just add the thing to the next wash. Straightened the clothes to dry quickly and in many cases you can avoid Ironing. This is especially important to do with heavy fabrics such as denim or Terry.

Now you only have to hang washing or dry in the car, if it has the function of drying.

Helpful advice for busy Housewives

If the Laundry is too long in the washing machine after washing and there was a stale smell of damp, add a few drops of essential oil (orange, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, bergamot, etc.) on a clean cloth, place it in the drum of the machine and turn on the extra rinse (or drying for 10 minutes). This will eliminate the odor.

Day 2. Sorting

During this day you will spend some time sorting and folding clothes into piles. This is the most easy.

If things are hanging in the closet, don’t fold

Why would you waste your time and energy? If, for example, shirts and blouses usually hanging on hangers, just spread them on the bed and lay on top of each other.

For everyone – the stack

Pants the son – separately, the trousers of husband – separately, etc. This will accelerate the process of the third day, when you lay things on the cabinets.

A large basket just for socks

Socks and stockings – the most unpleasant part of the sorting you can spend a lot of time, therefore, have separate socks for the basket, box or bowl and just dump them all in there. If a couple could not be found immediately, you can keep single socks in a basket for a while until you find a loss. Why the bin or box should be big? Simply because look for a pair in a crowded basket to the brim uncomfortable. Leave space for searches.

Ask for help

Girls can give a simple task – to fold kitchen towels or pillowcases or put a stack of her underwear. The older children easily can handle it, and kids can be asked to serve you from the basin or basket. We understand that children are unlikely to be delighted with this occupation, but it is important and we must bring them to home. The only way they can learn.

Heavy items on the bottom

Now gather all the folded stuff in one big pile (in a wide bowl or basket). Down – heavy: towels, sheets, etc., then the man’s clothes, then yours, and up – children. Let them lie down in an inconspicuous spot, your done for the day.

Day 3. Maid in the closet

By the way, not necessarily put things on the shelves the next day. You can choose any other week, when you have more time.

Hang shirt

Take out of the closet, several hangers, put them on the bed next to a pile straightened shirts or blouses and vdevice hanger into the neck. Gather 6-10 things at once and take it to the wardrobe, hanging on the bar. As the clothes we sorted in advance by members of the family, you do not have to “jump” with each hanger from the wardrobe to the closet.

Reconnect children

Let them believe already folded pants, blouses and t-shirts on his shelf. So they will know where their stuff is, and will be able to choose a dress without your help. Remember the basket of socks? Let the children themselves find it in their socks and put them in pairs.

Bring the matter to an end

Do not leave folded clothes in the basket for a long time, then to perepadet. Believe me, it is not necessary to iron shirts, pants or jeans of the child, especially if you get them good and stretched before drying. Don’t try to bring everything and always to perfection, because it takes so much time that you can spend more usefully.

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