November 15, 2016

Fragrant and useful herbs gives even in winter, any fresh food is spicy, tangy and bright taste. It is therefore necessary to begin to stock up on greens for the future at the end of the summer. When it a lot and it is quite cheap. Much more useful and more practical to use herbs, purchased and prepared in the season of its ripening, what to buy fresh greens in the winter. Because we do not know where and in what conditions it was grown, what chemicals. And different winter greens to grow is very difficult, in the absence of heat and natural sunlight.

More to the point.

There are several methods of harvesting greens for future use. The most affordable, economical and easy way to stock up on greens for the winter, is drying. Rinse the chosen herbs in running water. To shake from it the excess water and cut into small pieces. Then put it on paper and put in a dark, dry place. Two days later, check the degree of drying. If the greens dry, then folded it in a dry jar and close the swirl lid.
The following method of harvesting greens, is the salting. Take the herbs and cut the solid cuttings. Remove also slack and damaged leaves. Then thoroughly wash greens in water. Lay the sprigs of greenery on a dry towel and allow it ten minutes to dry. Then finely chop and tightly stacked into the prepared jars. Sprinkling each layer with salt and tightly we stamp, so to have the juice and close the jar with a plastic cap. Store the salted greens you need in the fridge or a cool place. At temperatures above one degree Celsius.

Greens can also be preserved. Harvest herbs in jars for the winter as follows. Take the herbs and carefully washed it under running water. Then finely chop it and put in an enamel bowl. Add salt according to your taste and pour some water to the herbs are not burnt. Boil about five minutes, and immediately poured into sterile one-liter or half-liter cans and roll off quickly.

You can also if you have a large freezer just to freeze the quantity you need of herbs. For this there are two main ways. First, when washed greens are crushed and placed in banks. From there it will be possible to take the winter any time the necessary portion. And the second way is to cut the greens and arrange in a plastic bag and freeze. Before use, frozen greens thawed and crushed using a rolling pin. Always use not thawed greens.

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