How to stay beautiful without spending too much? 9 rules of reasonable economy

July 1, 2016

Statistics show that women in Russia spend more than 10% of their income on cosmetics. And not always, these expenses are justified.

In addition to the essential hygiene of the top priority purchases are paints and treatment products for hair and decorative cosmetics. The creams and cleansing resources, many still prefer to save.

Is this correct and how else can you stay within reason when buying cosmetics?

Do not buy anything extra

The first rule of saving, as you know, is to not buy anything extra. Make a list of what you need to have – a cleanser, a moisturizing or nourishing cream, gel and body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and styling tool and cosmetics. And roughly calculate how much you can spend on each tool.

Plain packaging does not say about bad quality content

Take the packaging of a more expensive similar product and compare the composition. The probability that the active ingredients are the same. But please note: the above list of components is the name of a substance, the higher its concentration in the product.

Don’t be a supporter of the brand

Many manufacturers claim that you should use the entire cosmetic line entirely and not to mix it with other cosmetics firms. But, as practice shows, you can choose suitable products from different manufacturers, in different price categories. So judge not biased.

Try before you buy

There’s nothing worse than bringing home a cosmetic purchase and find out what your skin they do not fit. Regardless of, the expensive you buy cosmetics or cheap, don’t let yourself random solutions. Check with friends and do your own research. Don’t miss the opportunity to try tools wherever possible. Because choice of cosmetics is an individual matter and only by experience can determine which cream is right for you.

Think of the need to save as an occasion for creativity

Mix your own shades of lipstick and eye shadow of the very few funds available. Invent your own recipes of natural cosmetics. Involve the children in making “edible” masks and creams – you will not only have a great time together, but also teach them to care for themselves.

Know yourself

Define your color palette, and you don’t have to buy extra money. Shade of neutral brown shades suit almost everyone – they can be used both day and night. Light purple and white matte shadow in any situation will help hide signs of fatigue.

Don’t go through

Learn practical relation to the existing cosmetic products. Lipstick, forgotten in pockets, the debris on the bottom of the bag of shadows, spirits, forgotten for years in closets, – all this can be avoided if you treat your cosmetics with care and concern.

But in time dispose of the old

Regularly to sort out all your jars, tubes and bottles – check the expiration dates and without fear dispose of old products. Let your “good” will be on your account. So you will not succumb to the temptation of buying extra. Make a list of the missing and then go to the store.

Makeup doesn’t last forever

Don’t keep favorite expensive tools “for a special occasion, use them now! Mascara and eyeliner are not stored more than 3 months after you started to use them. Lipstick and concealer are stored up to 1 year. And the shadows, pencils, blush and powder – up to three years (but only under the condition that you regularly wash your brushes and applicators). Often we can’t remember how long ago I bought a particular product and the date of manufacture is deleted. The first signs that cosmetics began to deteriorate, it changed the smell and laminated texture. It is a signal that the cosmetics it is time to dispose of. Using old cosmetics can cause irritation and lead to treatment costs.

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