How to save on food, eating a full?

July 19, 2016

How to save money on the purchase of foods, not limiting yourself to healthy eating?

Experts recommend first and foremost to plan purchases. This is the main step, which will prevent you to get home from the store with bags twice as big in size than you originally wanted. Study your stocks, not to buy extra.

Healthy food is cheap food. Studies show that families who decided to go on a healthy diet, people not only successfully reduced weight, and reduced grocery budgets. For example, sweet drinks or high-calorie juices can easily replace the cheaper, bottled water or homemade juices own cooking.

Here are a few Golden rules of saving money on the purchase of healthy foods:

1. Buy products in season. Choose the freshest vegetables and fruits. Cherries in June, is three times cheaper than in mid-may.

2. Use sales and coupons. In large supermarkets are always such actions.

3. Take Breakfast and lunch with them. Homemade food in the office is always tastier and cheaper than that offered in cafes.

4. Do not hesitate frozen or canned food. It can be cheaper than fresh, but no less nutritious. For example, many frozen vegetables the level of nutrients is several times better than fresh because they were frozen a few hours after harvest from the garden. And how much is stored on the shelf fresh vegetables?

5. Possible change of meat and fish products soy, beans, eggs and tofu.

6. Buy semi-finished products only if they really needed you. In all other to better prepare itself. If you don’t want to give up meat, home baked ham or chops in any case will be cheaper to purchase two or three times.

7. Don’t forget about the garden. It is a great source of the healthy and fresh food you can anywhere to find.
Lifehack: fresh salad in disposable pots, store-bought, can give you several harvests greens in a row if transplanted in pots on the windowsill.


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