How to save on diapers big amount? Know this five-month-old girl

November 18, 2016

Child has mastered the potty? It is an occasion for parental pride! But at first they just scared: after all, their daughter is only 5 months!

Most modern children wear diapers for up to two years or even more until you get accustomed to the pot. This girl to teach did not have parents just bought a pot for the future and for a laugh put it on him. What was their surprise when 5-month-old baby immediately used it on purpose!

“At first no one believed it. It’s so early – some babies her age still don’t even know how to sit. But our Emily-rose is already in many ways ahead of their peers,” says the girl’s mother Monika nowicka.

Experts say that this is very unusual. It is believed that physiologically link the “brain – bladder” most of the children Matures not earlier than one and a half years. And some fully mastered the potty at all for 2,5 – 3 years. Parents Emily rose was not planned so early to teach the daughter to the potty.

“We bought the pot because I know he will need us in the future. Emily-rose looked at him so happy that we are even a little confused. The next day we again put her on the potty, after removing the diaper. And she immediately went to the toilet!”, – says Monica.

Now every morning the first thing that requires Emily-rose is the pot. Parents are so sure that she will understand when she has to pee, what not to wear diapers to even walk.

“We use them only at night. This is a considerable saving of money”.

If it is a natural desire of the child, which support parents, it will not cause the baby any harm, experts believe. The only thing you need to be sure is that the baby can already sit confidently. The rest – need to allow children to accumulate new experiences and not afraid to experiment.


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