How to save money before the holidays. 10 smart tips

December 8, 2016

December is the month of the biggest expenses. Tell how not to go in the negative before the holidays and save yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Make a shopping list

Plan menu and make shopping list of everything you might need. If you come to the store, stick to it! Remember, despite a lot of the offered goods: you don’T need anything else. The objective of the store – the more you sell, and yours to only select the most necessary and best.

Best week – 11-18 Dec

Try to buy everything that doesn’t go bad, two weeks before the holidays. Starting on the 19th, the prices in the stores not exactly fall, and for some products will rise to 20%.

Joint purchase

It is known that in the wholesale shops and from warehouses the goods are cheaper and you can buy the products for several families. This is especially true of alcohol. In many stores the price for a case of wine cheaper than a separate bottle. If you don’t need a box, divide it.

Learn yourself wrapping gifts

Inexpensive gift will produce quite a different impression if it is beautifully packaged. The main thing – to have on hand double-sided tape and a stapler. And instead of wrapping paper you can use newspaper and maps and even the baking paper. Well, the gifts in Kraft paper – the most favorite now a trend.

Save on candles

Don’t waste your money on expensive candles, they will burn down anyway. The cheapest and most convenient option – the tea candle that you can drop in any glass or outlet, and it will be beautiful. They can do the composition, and decorate the table, and not be afraid that they will leave on the tablecloth spots of wax.

Tip: inexpensive decorations you can see in shops with a fixed price. There you can find candles and garlands and cheap beads. Buy glue gun (melt). Convenient thing in the economy, which in other places is quite expensive, and in these stores is sold at an affordable price. It can be used to make gifts, and make your toys on the Christmas tree, and even quickly to secure the garland to the wall without nails and holes.

Check receipts and coupons

Discount and savings cards now have in any store. Check your mailboxes and look for cards or coupons before shopping. So annoying is when a discount card forgotten at home.

item of the week

Almost in every trading network, you can find products at special prices: product of the day, week, etc. Look at these products, they really are significantly cheaper (Just remember to pay attention to the storage period).

The goods from the seller

Many grocery chains producing goods under its own brand. The price was lower than the same products from other manufacturers. Often network produces dairy products, water, groceries, napkins, water, etc. Try them out, quality is sometimes better than branded products.

No spontaneous purchases

Do not give in to temptations, universal excitement and festive mood. Want to save – take it until the new year! Immediately after the holidays to begin sales with discounts of up to 80%, then you with a pure heart will be able to afford something new: a hat, gloves, boots, sweater etc.

Oh and don’t forget the easiest way to save money: just go for New year to someone for a visit!

Anna Zalesskaya

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