How to pick the perfect sunglasses for your face type

July 29, 2016

You can look perfect with the right kind of frame!

The main thing is to determine your face type.


For the lucky ones with an oval face are suitable for all shapes of frames. But if you have thin lips or a nose, try not to choose very thick frames. They are visually heavier person.


To compensate for high forehead and distinctive jaw, should pay attention to the rounded and beveled rim with soft contours. Corners contraindicated.


If you have chubby cheekbones, narrow forehead and small jaw you are the owner of round face. You should pay attention to geometric frames that will add more for balance. Contraindicated teardrop-shaped glasses-pilots, if you have under eye circles. Kind of a sad Basset hound is not what woman wants.


You need glasses with a wider rim to compensate for the overall look. Make sure that the wide rim is not in favor of the cheekbones.


Wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and narrow chin makes your face resemble that of a heart or inverted triangle. You need to shift the focus from your forehead to your chin. Choose frames with narrow top bar, which is not much is stepping over the line of the eyebrows.


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