How to persuade her husband to play sports?

February 2, 2017

According to statistics research center “Healthy nutrition”, in Russia 54% of men aged over 20 years suffer from overweight and 15% obese. What to do if your husband adds to this statistic and would not want to go to the gym? We have collected the most common excuses and developed a plan of action.

“I have no time”

Your husband works 40 or more hours a week, helping you with children, goes fishing, as in this chart to find time for sports?

In fact : it is important to understand that physical activity is an integral part of life as sleeping, eating, or brushing your teeth. Many people think that fitness is long and hard, but really to stay in shape enough to train for 1 hour 3 times a week. The main thing – to get involved and to perceive the exercise as routine.

What to do? To convince her husband that he definitely has time for a sport, try with him to paint his daily activities in one week: this simple and efficient method of time management will show how many hours he falls out of life by watching useless programs on TV or just doing nothing. Probably the result will surprise your spouse and make you ponder how to more effectively waste time.

“I hesitate: come to the gym, where all the sports, and I have a belly”

A man may worry about his appearance, but not going to the gym because of the reluctance to look at him a novice and incompetent, because it hurts his ego.

In fact : Any person who has achieved good results, once started small – this fully applies to the work on his body.

What to do? First, ask the first husband to do at home or at a time when the gym a little people – early in the morning, late in the evening. Secondly, for many a good motivation is, oddly enough, high-quality tracksuit. A modern form of fitness is not wet from sweat, does not hinder movement and look professional – by wearing it, the man just wants to act! Homemade t-shirts and shorts with palm trees indicate a beginner in the gym and not contribute to his motivation.

Thirdly, man the hunter, and therefore it is easier to seek real and clear goals, than to the abstract “good shape.” First let them be small, for example, to lose 3 kg in 10 days, to increase the number of pull-UPS up to 50 times. For many men the positive impact of competition – if he will seek to overtake a friend or colleague who also started to train, they are both more likely to succeed.

Fourthly, a man greatly influenced by the example of other men. This explains the fact that husbands are not always stimulated by the activity of their sports wives: of course, they are happy to see next to a slender and well-groomed wife, but do not rush to the gym at the sight of her sporting victories. The correct method is to ask your friend to casually talk about how her plump chosen lost 10 kg and now thrust rod better instructor. Find out the details, show interest and admire loudly: so you indirectly make it clear to her husband that he would do well “to disappoint”.

Fifth, as a rule, every man has his own authority among the movie actors and athletes. However, many of the recognized having a beautiful body began the introduction to the sport just because of feelings of discontent with your body! They also started small. It can be a good incentive for your spouse. Moreover, certainly among your acquaintances there is a man who has changed himself with the help of regular exercise. The conversation with this person is spur your husband, giving him a clear visual reference point.

“You did not love me so? But the Clave at work thinks I’m very attractive”

In fact : this excuse is used by many men, but even if it has some truth to it (being slender, he was attracted to you anymore), my husband better not know about it.

What to do? Probably, you repeatedly said that you don’t important outside of the husband, the main thing is his health. When explanations don’t work, the most extreme women resort to drastic measure to put husband in his place. Namely, cease to care for themselves and gaining a few pounds, and the reproaches of the husband and unaesthetic fullness in the form of react to help lose weight, motivation to exercise. So a man will feel needed and useful and will actually keep you company.

“I’m tired, and you me in the gym driven”

A man comes home from work exhausted, and the only exercise he can do to get beer from the fridge and sit down on the sofa.

In fact: If your husband has a job that is not associated with physical activity, then after a day it gets tired not physically, but psychologically and morally. In addition, due to sedentary work impaired blood flow, breathing becomes more superficial, the body cells do not get enough oxygen. And during training, in contrast, produces the hormone of joy – endorphin, the body is saturated with oxygen, and the person feels a surge of energy. Physical activity does not take us the last of his strength, and gives the body to truly relax. Tested: a person who regularly trains, felt themselves more energetic than those who passively resting after work.

What to do? The main thing – to motivate her husband to start training, which will eventually become a habit. Some men don’t want to do at the gym because in the gym I prefer other sports. Offer your spouse the type of activity that will interest him.

Of course, it is important to do what you enjoy. This decreases the risk that a man will stop because of loss of passion. Football, skiing, running, Boxing, Cycling will increase overall tone of muscle and will contribute to the processes of fat burning, since most of these sports require active movement and cardio.

However, in order to build muscle, such training is best combined with classes in the gym or with exercises with free weights (barbells, dumbbells) at home. But to begin it is possible with ordinary Cycling.

“We need repairs in the apartment to do, and you’re offering me money to fitness to spend”

In fact: a fitness trainer is needed only at first – to draw up an individual training program and Refine the technique. Then you can do with free weights at home.

What to do?

Try to explain that when a man takes care of his body, he not only becomes healthier but also improves their career prospects. A person in good shape more likely to get promoted than someone who runs themselves. Therefore, playing sports is not just a waste of money, and invest in yourself. In addition, many sports require little or no cash outlay – running, home exercises with dumbbells, today’s cross-fit. And to get the advice of a professional trainer, do not necessarily go into a fashionable fitness center. Every city has quite affordable sports clubs.

“I feel good. Well I gained a little weight, so what? I’m not 18!”

In reality: the Fullness is fraught with problems of the cardiovascular system, hormonal levels, impaired sexual function, diabetes and other diseases.

What to do? Give the floor to the experts. If your husband truly does not understand why he chew the lettuce is their favorite fries, take him to a nutritionist. He talk about the dangers of excess weight. Of course, it is not necessary to make a trip to the nutritionist as if your husband is sick and you brought him a treat. Tell him that you were interested in nutrition and want to ask the specialist some questions. And as you eat together, the correct combination of products needed for both of you.

Maria Vasilyeva

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