How to paint eyes shadows: 7 tips for flawless makeup

August 3, 2016

Eyeshadow — not the easiest product to use it correctly are able to only one. Although for a perfect makeup shade is very important, because through them we can look radiant and even adjust the shape of the eye.

Read our step by step instructions and tips on how to paint eyes shadows, and you will quickly master the necessary skills.

1) Use a good quality primer

A good base is even more important than the quality of the shadows. The base will make them more resilient: they won’t smear and flake off. In addition, the shade will be more intense. So nice to wear mascara as a base you can use not only a special primer, but a creamy pastel shade.

2) Blend

The main rule of applying eye shadow is a good feather. Yes, it will have to spend some time, but the result will eventually be great.

3) don’t forget to brush

Many people use eye makeup is the standard applicator that is attached to the palette. But it is almost impossible to make a perfect feather. For applying loose shadows, it is desirable to use a special brush, but the cream generally can be applied with your fingers.

4) Smooth transitions

Using several shades, try to avoid too sharp boundaries between zones. To achieve smooth transitions by using all of the same feather.

5) be Careful with the lower eyelid

Colored shadows on the lower eyelid often create the effect of dark circles under the eyes, even if in fact you do not. For lower eyelid it is best to use eyeliner or bright eye shadow, and dark save for the outer corners of the eyes.

6) Concealer and powder

Bright eye makeup will attract them more attention, so don’t forget to adjust the area under the eyes with concealer. If you plan to do smoky eyes, be sure to powder the skin on top of the concealer, so you don’t wipe it if dark shadows would crumble.

7) at Least 3 shades

For a beautiful makeup no matter the day or the evening – you’ll need at least 3 tint: medium on the middle of the eyelid, dark on the outer corners, and light on the inside. This set you will find in any palette! But if in the morning you have absolutely no time for drawing and shading of several colors, use only light pale pink shade — it is almost everything and to make the appearance more fresh and rested.

How to paint eyes shadows: step-by-step instruction

  1. To apply Foundation, including on the eyelids to hide the irregularities and capillaries.

  2. Mask dark circles with concealer and powder.

  3. Apply color on top lid, completely covering it.

  4. The inner corners of the eyes will ottenete with mother-of-pearl or bright shining colors.

  5. Apply shadow darker shade on the outer corners.

  6. Blend thoroughly with a brush. Complete the makeup with mascara.

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