How to paint country a barrel

July 14, 2016

Tired of boring grey (brown, white) the water barrel in the country? Make it bright and memorable! And certainly involve useful to the cause of children.

Coloring the barrel in the country

From the country of the barrels may be of different use. One for sedimentation of water to another flower bed, and the third holds the sand… usually country drums are not samples of the design, and the metal does rust over time. But it can be fixed!

Before you paint the barrel, wash it thoroughly inside and out, remove dirt and rust with sandpaper. Then it would be good to degrease the surface with alcohol. If the barrel is plastic, it can be colored directly, and the metal better to pre-paint in any color that is the background.

What paint to get for painting the barrel? Best of all – acrylic for different surfaces, you can use the leftover paint for walls and ceiling.

The easiest way of decoration barrels – cut stencil (e.g., a flower or a heart) to attach to the barrel and put around him the spray paint. We could, for example, yellow or blue barrel with a white (or other color) the same drawings. This option requires no artistic abilities, no specific amount of time.

Colored barrel with your hands

If you want to surprise everyone, including neighbors, the barrel can be turned into a work of art.

You will need:

  • Paint different colors,

  • Brushes – thick and thin,

  • marker

  • alcohol.

First of all, think of what is depicted in your garden barrel. If there are two of them, you can portray a couple in love (and hook them umbrellas!), three bears or pigs… free-standing barrel can be painted under the tin of condensed milk or jam, under Gzhel or Khokhloma, and can portray a fabulous story. Abstract images will also work, especially if they fit into the design of the suburban area.

The outlines can be applied to the barrel with a thin brush or marker. Well, if the barrel is pre-painted in the background color of failed outlines are easy to paint. You can also cut a stencil pattern on a large sheet of paper and shaded cut area – this option is convenient children.

Ready barrel allow to dry for a day or two, then it can be used for other purposes.

The above recommendations are suitable for painting of small forms: watering cans, buckets, etc. Good creativity!

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