How to lose weight in the decree? 5 main rules

August 9, 2016

When a woman has a child, time to myself. Constant care and monitoring of the baby do not allow to think about the figure, so many mothers gain weight. How to get back into great shape if you have small son or daughter? The tips from this article will help you to lose weight, still with baby most of the time and attention.

1. Actively spend time with the child

The care of the baby often deprives a woman to spend the evening in the gym, go dancing or go for a morning jog. But that does not mean you have to completely forget about physical activity. Make sure you and your child: walking helps burn calories and is one of the most effective and easiest ways to get in shape. Fresh air is good for children, so try stay outside more time and walk long distances. Actively spend time on the Playground: don’t sit on the bench and run, play and have fun with your baby. This will not only help lose weight but will also improve the mood and further brought together.

2. Exercise with the baby

Some moms still have time to squat or swing a press, while the child sleeps or plays, but it’s more fun to exercise with baby! Physical activity will go a little favor, and you will help to achieve the desired shape, without leaving your beloved baby. Today, there are many sets of exercises, created specifically for joint training moms and kids. The two of you and squat, do lunges, and even perform crunches, however, the program should be selected depending on the age of the child and existing problem areas. In addition, many sports centres offer special programmes of fitness with the baby, in these classes, you’ll have fun, get in shape and socialize with other moms who share similar concerns.

3. Make a menu for two

Many women, loaded with chores and caring for a child who no longer follow your diet, snack on the go and eat foods which recover. However, for mothers there is a very easy way to make your menu useful: eat what your baby! You are looking for child only the best food, feed him useful cereals, fresh fruit or vegetables, which are rich in vitamins. Using such products, you will be able to lose weight and improve their mood and health. If you still don’t have the time to cook, follow the example of the baby and try baby food in jars. Diet on baby purees and porridge are very popular because these foods contain some calories, are produced in small quantities and, in addition, possess a useful composition. For example, canned puree HIPP are made only from organic fruit and vegetables do not contain dyes, preservatives and flavorings, and also stringently tested at all stages of production. Eating with your child, you will not only make your diet lower in calories, but also encourage your baby to try new foods, showing that mother finds it delicious.

4. Follow the General regime

Correct mode of the day is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It has a beneficial effect on the health of children and adults, promotes better sleep and digestion. The life of the baby is often painted on the clock, but mother’s day often turns into chaos many cases, worries and surprises. Try to make for themselves a rigorous schedule that will coincide with the regime of the child: sleep, relax and eat around the same time. Daily meals at certain hours, and helps you to improve metabolism, lose weight and achieve the desired shape.

5. Do not refuse the help of loved ones

To care for the child, to watch, to do the work – many mothers hope to catch everything and sometimes take on too much. This causes stress, which leads to overeating and weight problems. Of course, to leave the baby, is terrible, and even brief separation makes women to miss that baby, but sometimes you need to trust my husband, best friend or grandmother the crumbs and give yourself some free time. It will help you relax, feel better and find harmony with your body. Dad or grandma can watch the baby tonight and give you the opportunity to cook delicious and healthy dinner, go for a jog or spend some time in the gym. Take care of the baby, but do not forget about yourself, because baby needs a happy, confident and satisfied mom!

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