How to lose 45 pounds and avoid sagging folds of skin?

January 30, 2017

Star nutritionist Matt Roberts tells the secret.

Many stops from slimming are not lazy, but the idea that new body you will have to live with your skin for a few sizes larger. Or go for the surgery. Can you avoid that?

Matt Roberts says it is.

“Look, in fact, losing weight is no big deal. You just reduce the intake to 800 calories and rapidly lose weight. Wait, don’t do it!
First, I have not met even a single person who, after such a diet have not gained the weight back. This unstable effect.

Second mistake – you just reduce the amount of food and start eating what you consider healthy food: apples, muesli and so on. This is wrong.

In order to reduce weight, remain healthy and make it wrinkle-free skin, need to lose weight slowly. Yes, it will take a long time, but your body will podstavitsya. Don’t expect that in a few months you will be Thumbelina. No, to lose weight you can, but will have a look Pei.

Normal long weight loss will take a couple of years, no less.
First, you need to do: give up refined foods and pure sugar.
Second: calculate your diet so it includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Carbohydrates you need once a day. Eat them.
Third: the approximate calorie content of your food should be about 1800 calories. But don’t focus on counting, you will get tired to do all my life. Stay well-being.

Fourth: the activity. All food must be burned. If you’re standing still, all to no purpose. If you have sore knees, do not walk, go to the pool. Forgive and love yourself, but be consistent.

Remember: no diet alone will not give you a healthy body. You need to change the way of life, and to do it gradually and inexorably. Good luck.”

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Ekaterina Sarycheva

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