How to live so that was not excruciatingly painful. 9 advice of doctors from different parts of the world

August 4, 2016

Doctors from different countries will reveal the secrets about how for a woman to maintain health and protect against cancer and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Life expectancy in Russia, unfortunately, on all ratings is worse off, Russians live on average 72 years. And at the same time, the average Japanese woman lives to be 90 years old! Besides we are in first place in mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately, we are still not used regularly to visit a doctor and undergo examination, and habits do not promote good health. And if to consider experience of foreign women? Everyone knows about the Mediterranean diet and the habits of Japanese women to eat soy for breast cancer prevention and menopause symptoms, but there are other secrets of health and longevity. But I can offer doctors from all over the world.


2 million Canadians live in specially created “healthy homes” – there are no carpets, no Wallpaper, no curtains of textile. All construction materials are made from environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to this simple step has reduced the number of cases of allergies, eczema, asthma attacks, infectious and respiratory diseases caused by chemical vapors and substances contained in building and finishing materials. Canadian doctors say that if everyone lived in these homes, a list of their patients would be reduced by half.

What can I do?

Instead of carpets and flooring to minimize the number of house dust. Avoid irritants: do not use aerosols or sprays.


Spirulina is a plant which has appeared on our planet about 3 billion years ago. Indian women for centuries, it was eaten, and the doctors found out that this plant is rich in protein, contains antioxidants, gammalinolenic acid, beta-carotene and essential amino acids, plus it is also low in calories. Scientists say that all the beneficial properties of spirulina is almost impossible to enumerate. In spirulina is full of protein, zinc and iron, and calcium in 24 times more than in milk. Strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

What can I do?

Well. For example, to purchase and consume this herb in the form of tablets or powder.

Apricots? Apricots!

Chinese women living in the district of Hunza, live to 90 years. Why? But because I eat apricots! They are not only slows down aging, but also help to preserve the shape due to the ability to reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, apricots contain beta-carotene which plays an important role in the fight against cancer.

What can I do?

Eating just three apricots a day, you get half the daily value of vitamin A, the lack of which leads to poor twilight vision, dryness of eyes, skin, fatigue and the weakening of the immune system and you become vulnerable to colds and infectious diseases (especially skin).

It’s a sauna, babe

Sauna in Finland is not a hobby, no need to look for a reason to visit. It is an integral part of leisure, even in apartment buildings have their own saunas. Thanks to the sauna, the Finns suffer less from virus diseases than other Europeans, despite the frosty climate.

What can I do?

Well, go to the sauna. This is the easiest way. Or just take a bath with lavender or lemon oil.

diet okinavsky

Residents of the Japanese island of Okinawa eat 18 different types of products a day, including 10 varieties of fruits and vegetables, from 7 to 13 crops plus fish, lots of rice, nothing fatty and salty. As a result, 80% reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases is twice lower the risk of ovarian cancer and colon cancer. But there is 4 times more than a century people than in Western countries.

What can I do?

Just something to change the diet.

Survey of early disease

The Australians are considered one of the healthiest Nations on earth. Thanks to the advanced medical care they are successfully fighting the most serious diseases. But the longevity secret is not only that: they regularly visit doctors and undergo medical examinations.

What can I do?

Monitor blood pressure and at the first sign of any disease, contact your doctor, follow the size of the mole and pay attention to the appearance of the chest, don’t forget to examine her.

our all – Coconut Oil

In some areas of Mexico, women are made exclusively with coconut oil. It prevents the cholesterol from attaching to the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood sugar, has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect, is beneficial to the thyroid gland.

What can we do?

Use coconut oil instead of where you usually cook. If you add in the products sparingly, the taste of food is not affected.

GARLIC is not only delicious, but also useful

French dishes contain much more garlic than ours. As a consequence – low level of mortality from hypertension. Garlic – salvation from many diseases. It is used in medicine thousands of years as an excellent means to protect the immune system from colds and respiratory diseases. Garlic reduces cholesterol in blood and prevents the clots formed. It includes a substance called allicin, which improves blood circulation throughout the body.

What can I do?

The complete cookbook recipes with a high content of garlic. If you don’t like the taste, try to use when cooking garlic oil, then you get the whole spectrum of therapeutic properties of garlic, without peculiar smell and taste.

FRIENDS for Immunity

Did you know that the Italians have colds less often than other solely due to their sociability? If you communicate with your parents, spouse, neighbours, work colleagues, friends and classmates of your children – your chance to pick up acute respiratory infections reduced by 46%. That’s what the doctors say about this: “it is believed that a large gathering of people make it easier to get. But this is not always the case. Immune system stimulation and strengthening, and this can only be achieved when coming in contact with people. Communication will help you to develop immunity against many viruses. But if you get the pleasure of communicating, the disease is reduced even more. Unhappy people and pessimists get sick more often happy and optimistic.

What can I do?

Make time for your friends. Or, if you want to meet new people, sign up for evening classes (dancing, painting, yoga). Try to live in harmony with your partner – a happy marriage significantly improves health!

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