How to learn to save? 7 healthy life hacks

September 30, 2016

How to learn to save? 7 healthy life hacks

If you have time to spend a whole paycheck, barely getting it, and then the whole month sitting on “bread and water”, then these tips on how to learn to save money without even noticing it, for yourself. Small purchases, an extra muffin in the cafe or purchase “extra values” — all of which can quietly, but to hit hard on the wallet. Be on the lookout!

Mobile app

We are sure that modern gadgets can not only chat with friends and share with them the events of life, but also help to save money. For example, download the app, which allows you to record your spending every time you pay off the card. Thus, you can always see where your money goes.

The app “CASHER” is your personal assistant that will make counting the cost of an enjoyable experience. Cute and simple interface, the possibility of ranking of expenditure categories and visual statistics for any period of time is really easy!

The app “Money PRO” allows you to not only track transactions in the accounts, but also reminds you of upcoming payments, utilities, loans and purchases. Just mark your calendar the date when payment must be made: the application in advance will remind you about the date.

The app is “debt-free” will show the loan repayment schedule, will remind about payments and give the opportunity to use a built-in calculator for calculation of parameters of the debt. All the data on the loan – in one mobile app! It is convenient and very simple.

Use the bonuses

The main advantage of using Bank cards is security and ease of use. Even in case when you urgently need to pay for the purchase, you can always use the online Bank and transfer money from another account using the mobile app. Another significant “plus” of using cards is that banks are increasingly accompanied by maps additional “bonuses” for loyalty programs, discounts at your favorite stores, refund and so on. Most often, these suggestions is beneficial, therefore, to abandon them – very stupid! By the way, not only Banks can provide “bonus” card holders, but the shops: many of them provide service “cashback” – the purchase of goods or services the buyer returns part of the money that can be considered as a deferred discount. Refunds for purchases carried out not directly, but through the cashback service, which acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

Set a limit on the credit card

In addition, with the Bank card you’ll always be sure that your money will remain intact: use the offer of the Bank and set a limit of funds that you can spend a week or a month. Make it simple: the account holder needs to write an application to the Bank. The limit can be set as for cash withdrawals at ATMs and to pay purchases of goods and services.

Stick to the plan And

Marketing studies prove that “impulsive purchase,” take up to 30% of all purchases. And, of course, the shops use this knowledge: on the shelves that are at eye level of the buyer, are always more expensive and colorful products — the ones that always gets you in the cart. Not to get caught in the trap of” marketers always make a shopping list – this will significantly help saving time and nerves. By the way, use simple but effective tips of making a list of products:

Start to make a shopping list in advance, not before going to the store. If the list is written in haste, the subconscious will constantly remind you that we “forgot something”, forcing to take more goods than necessary. Just buy what you need in the short term.

If possible, call for a specific product. “Something for tea” threatens to see at the checkout cake, some rolls and cake – a bit too much, isn’t it?

Not to spend time in the stores, write down the products by category: “Meat”, “Sweet” or “Cereals”. Don’t have to run to the store to the same rack several times.

Try to pre-calculate the final amount and take a little more. Then don’t be tempted to grab an extra muffin.

The action “here and now”

Employees of the University of Chicago, one of the world’s leading research institutes, revealed: the discount percentage for buyers is much more important than the total amount of the discounts! Of course, marketers all over the world successfully use this knowledge, exposing the discount, which often is not the real benefit. For example, a 15% discount on the cheapest product in great demand, the smaller the percentage discount on an expensive item.

So if you saw a super offer which is only available at one point in time, feel free to pass by. First, such actions are performed very often and therefore you can consider the reasonableness of the purchase, and secondly, surely the whole gromoglasnoe only to put pressure on the buyer. This is a real trap that will only hit your wallet, but it will not bring real benefits. Be careful!

Household savings

To pay for utilities is less than 30% per year – it is real! These secrets revealed Ivan Yurtaev – expert in the area of reducing utility costs on his official page. According to Ivan, any savings begins with the account. So if you’re still not done, be sure to install the meters for all utilities:

· gas (if available) – saving up to 30%;

· heating – up to 30%;

· water supply from 10% to 30%;

· electricity – up to 15%

The cost of meter installation will pay for itself in a few months, and for the calendar year the economy will be in 2-3 times in comparison of payment according to government regulations. However, when installing the electricity meter to find out more about the possible plans! If you’re a housewife, for you, the ideal solution is a three-tariff counter – it divides daily intake into several rates.

There are services that are calculated based on square feet of living space. So check the actual size of your apartment in compliance with that stated in official documents, for example receipts. Sometimes they differ: if the actual area is less than that shown on the documents, then the owner of the apartment just overcharged money. In addition, there is an additional area that you may not pay a loggia or a balcony. If you find that the loggia or the balcony area is included in the cost of utilities, you can contact the management company to have made the appropriate changes.

Best communication

I bet a few years ago you bought a new tariff of cellular communication and did not come back to this issue? Well, of course, because every month you automatically debited, allowing you not to think about this category of expenditure. On the one hand, very convenient. And on the other you can spend money for programs that you hardly use more minutes for calls or SMS, if you long used “messengers”. Besides, mobile operators often change the parameters of tariff plans, without notice to the subscriber.

View the latest information about the new tariffs of your operator’s or its competitors — might have had something more profitable for you! And don’t be afraid to use bonus programs: they’ll give you free minutes or SMS just for using the services of nominal this provider.

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