November 7, 2016

In the autumn rainy evening and wants to wrap oneself in warm pledik, turn on my favorite music and socialize in a circle of loved ones. And drive away the autumn Blues and lift the mood for all your friends to help hot drinks are homemade.

And today I want to describe in detail the actual recipes and delicious hot drinks at home.
1.Mulled wine Autumn with the addition of spices
The birthplace of this famous cocktail think of Medieval Europe. Back in those days wine was heated and added herbs. Preference to red wine. Now, in our time, this drink is prepared for the holidays (Christmas, Halloween). Modern people are happy to have borrowed this custom from the population of the Old world and often drink a hot drink with the addition of herbs that is the cold autumn and winter evenings.
I really want to share with you a simple and delicious recipe of mulled wine “Autumn”. There are many interesting ways to prepare hot drinks, for example, using as a basis the rum, however, the retreat from the traditional Canon absolutely no effect on the quality and taste.

  • Red wine – 1 bottle;
  • Juice (black currant) – 200 ml;
  • Cinnamon – 2 sticks;
  • Pepper – 5-7 peas;
  • Orange – 1 piece;
  • Nutmeg (ground) – 1 pinch;
  • Dried cloves – 5 flowers;
  • Cane sugar – ½ Cup;

Method of preparation
Wash well under running water orange, cut it into slices, it does not remove the peel. Squeezing the juice from the orange directly into the pan and also throw away the remnants of the slices. Fill it all with the sugar, add spices and pour in the juice of black currant. The entire mixture is put on the fire and wait until, until all the sugar has dissolved. Only after that fire diminish to a minimum. After a couple of minutes pour in the pan the red wine and heated the drink, but do not boil.
During the preparation of mulled wine try it for taste, and if needed, add more sugar. The finished drink pour into glasses and decorate them with orange slices. Also the mulled wine you can submit a biscuit or a cake.
2.Coffee with a Spanish accent
Often the recipes of the hottest drinks people brought from travel. The recipe that I offer you, much love campers at European ski resorts.

  • Brandy – 25 ml;
  • Coffee liqueur – 15 ml;
  • Freshly brewed coffee 160 ml;
  • Whipped cream;

Method of preparation
Fill special Irish-a glass of brandy and coffee liqueur. Add the freshly Brewed coffee. And put on top of whipped cream at room temperature. On top of all sprinkle nutmeg nut.
Following hot drinks, which I will describe below, came to us also from other countries. Nowadays they often have to cook at home.
3.Alcoholic hot drink “Grog”
Keep warm in autumn and cool time can help you Wake British sailors. In the early eighteenth century it was given to absolutely all employees in the English fleet daily, to protect them from colds and sickness caused by lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Today to make “Grog” is used not only rum, but also brandy, whisky and even cognac. Also add coffee, tea, honey and special spices.
Professionals and Amateurs know a lot of hot drinks. But I want to offer you to prepare a “Grotto” for the recipe, which is very close to the classic version.

  • Rum (amber or dark) – 250 ml;
  • Boiling water – 450 ml;
  • Lemon – 2 pieces;
  • Sugar – 4 tbsp ;

Method of preparation
Lemons cut into halves, and videoseven juice. Water needs to boil, reduce the heat and pour in the alcohol. There also add sugar and lemon juice. All this must stir with a wooden spatula for a few minutes, until all the sugar is completely dissolved.
The fortress “Grog” home cooking is from 15 to 28 degrees. Pour the cocktail best in pottery, which is much longer than all the rest keeps the heat. Drink “Grog” through a straw. Also, this drink is often served candy, pancakes, dried fruits.
4.Cocktail “Gold of autumn”
This cocktail can you very well to cheer up even the coldest evening. Diverse mix of unusual flavors gives the cocktail a special charm.

  • Fresh orange – 160 ml;
  • Liquor “Amaretto” – 20 ml;
  • Brandy – 20 ml;
  • Honey (liquid) – 30 g;
  • Orange – 1 piece;

Method of preparation
Add juice, brandy, honey liqueur in a small saucepan and stir. Cook them on low heat but do not boil. Pour all in Irish glass and decorate with a slice of orange.
5.Punch fruit
The first punch came to India, where he was trained exclusively from rum, hot water, lemon juice and sugar. It was so like the colonists in England, that they brought it to Europe. After a time, and in different States of the Old world, all visitors were served fruit punch.
Today, there are already a large variety of punch recipes. It is made of different kinds of alcohol, fruit juice, spices. If you wish to spend a friendly evening, prepare for your friends a hot drink with the addition of alcohol, in my simple recipe.

  • Rum (dark) – 2 Cup;
  • Cognac (or brandy) ½ Cup;
  • Nectarine – 10 pieces;
  • Juice of one lemon ;

Method of preparation
Vacated pit the nectarines and chop the flesh slices. Berries cut in half. Peel the ginger and cut into thin stripes. Remove the rind from the lemon and squeeze the juice into the frying pan with high walls. In a bowl pour the sugar and spices. Pour in juice (grape) and put the pan on a small fire. When it all comes to a boil, add the zest and chopped fruit. And proverjaem punch a few more minutes. Remove from heat and pour in the alcohol. A saucepan cover with a lid and wait for a while for a drink infusions. Pour the drink in the glass bowl. Punch served hot.
6.Coffee with an Irish touch
Think coffee with an Irish touch warms not only the body but also your soul even in the most severe cold. There is even a legend that the drink was invented by the owner of a Irish bar, which looked North American tourists who very cold.
Today this drink is cooked absolutely all the cafes, because the demand is always there. But it is also very easy to prepare at home. My prescription benefit includes a minimum of ingredients.

  • Whiskey (Irish) – 50 ml;
  • Coffee – 120 ml;
  • Cream – 50 ml;
  • Sugar (brown) – 1-2 pieces;

Method of preparation
In Irish glass omit the sugar. First pour of whiskey, and then coffee. Mix until until all the sugar is dissolved. From top to decorate the drink whipped cream, previously whipped.
It is the contrast of cool cream and hot coffee is the highlight of this fine beverage, as well as the combination of coffee and flavored whiskey.
7.Sbiten “Old Moscow”
Until tea appeared in Russia,people often drank a beverage of water, honey and spices which is often included and medicinal herbal preparations. This drink was called – sbiten. But unfortunately, almost all the recipes of this drink after the revolution was forgotten. However, in our time, many are trying to revive the old tradition. Sbiten prepared in our time in many places.
I suggest You to prepare a unique cocktail at home. Smell of honey and spices is pushed out of your home the autumn Blues and lift your spirits.

  • Sugar – 100 gr;
  • Med – 160 g;
  • St. John’s wort (dried) – 3h.l;
  • Cloves (dry) – 2 buds;
  • Allspice – 5 seeds.
  • Ginger (dried) – ¼ tsp;
  • Cinnamon – 1H. l;
  • Mint – 1st.l;

Method of preparation
In a saucepan on the bed honey and pour a glass of water. Bring all to a boil. To prepare the syrup, mix sugar and one Cup water. Mix both the mixture and boil on a small fire that went out all excess moisture. The water that is left, boil and then brew the herbs and spices in it. Cover with the lid and allow to infuse for about ten minutes. Then filter the liquid. Mix honey with ground.
Sbiten “Old” in the form of a hot drink.
8. Beer “Polish” warm
Hot cocktails and drinks, recipes which I have collected for you, remember a pleasant taste and unique aroma. Sometimes the preparation of some drinks may surprise people. In our state there are several popular sayings that praise the beer is cold and “hot” women. Today, I recommend you discard the standards and to look at familiar things from a new angle.
Warm or hot beer with a delicate aroma will warm you in bad weather, cheer and even cure the initial signs of a cold. Try to cook the beer in my recipe and you will definitely surprise your friends a new unique taste.

  • Beer (dark) – 1l;
  • Jam (raspberry) – 2 tbsp. l;
  • Honey – 1 tbsp;
  • Cinnamon – 1 pinch;
  • Ginger (ground) – 1 pinch;

Method of preparation
Pour beer into a saucepan and add all remaining ingredients. The drink is heated on a small fire, but not brought to a boil. Served exceptionally hot.
9.Ginger tea
To supply cheerfulness and dissipate melancholy can help you quite useful and delicious ginger tea.

  • Ginger (peeled) – 1 piece;
  • Apples – 50 g;
  • Mint leaves – 5 pieces;
  • Jam (raspberry) – 3 tsp;
  • Lemon – 15 g;

Method of preparation
Grate ginger, apples cut into pieces. From the lemon squeezing the juice. All ingredients are sent to the mortar and Masha pushes. The entire mixture pereeived in the teapot and fill with boiling water. Give time infusions. For enhanced taste, you can add a few grams of rum.
10.Cider from apples
Recipes for making hot drinks in your own kitchen should not cause any difficulties. So I’ve selected for You an excellent recipe of cider made from apples that hand to everyone.

  • Juice (Apple) – 1l;
  • Apple – ½ PC;
  • Orange – ½ PC;
  • Carnation (flowers) – 3 PCs;
  • Sugar;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Nutmeg;
  • Pepper (sweet);

Method of preparation
Cut the half Apple into two parts and heated to a pulp a couple of pieces of clove flowers. Cut slices of orange. Pour into a pan with high walls (the pot) juice and add to the same fruits and pepper. Cook it all on medium heat for 10 minutes. If required to taste add sugar.
Cider apples are served in glasses decorated with slices of orange.
What spices are best suited?
As you can see, in order to prepare the drink hot, often use the same spices. The secret is that spices from the East, can not only improve the taste of the cocktail, but also are a storehouse of useful components and vitamins. Here are examples of popular spices.

  • Ginger – perhaps the most famous and useful spice. It helps to keep warm in the cold has on the body tonic effect and strengthens the immune system.
  • Black (red, white, green) pepper – improves blood circulation and has warming effect. Drinks that use this spice, refresh you and help you to concentrate on work.
  • Clove is a natural antiseptic that protects us from autumn colds and ailments. In addition , you can use it to decorate fruit (e.g. stick “clove” in the peel of the orange) and to create a festive mood.
  • Cinnamon – without it is impossible to provide a pleasant warming drink. The smell of this spice helps to fight depression, and the use of powder helps protect the body from harmful environmental influences.
  • Star anise is not only an indispensable decoration for a hot autumn beverage. Beautiful “stars” to help warm up the chilly evening and improve digestion. If you feel fatigued, add more spices to your favorite beverage. Star anise has a tonic effect and helps to restore lost performance.
  • Nutmeg gives the drink a pleasant taste and smell. Spice has one interesting feature – the more heated the cocktail, the brighter its flavor. What useful properties has this spice? First of all, it improves digestion and promotes the release of endorphins, also known as “hormones of happiness”.

Preparation of autumn hot drinks may even grow into a real family tradition. I will be very happy if my recipes can help you to stay warm even in the sultry weather.

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