How to hang a garland? Learn from the pros

December 26, 2016

Using this technique you can easily hang any garland

Step 1: In a visible place

Enter the room and notice where the first stopped? This is where you need to hang the garland. Most likely it will be a Christmas tree, but also the garland can hang on the window, decorate railings, bookshelves or mantel.

Step 2: Select style

The bulbs also come in different colorful decorations, solid, warm yellow hue or white LEDs battery powered. If the classic style of the house, is more suited to colored light bulbs, prefer minimalism and eco style and Scandinavian design — choose one light bulb, white.

Step 3: a Little math

Professional rule: for a tree height of about 2 meters you will need at least 500 bulbs (their number is always indicated on the packaging). Then add 100 lights for every 30 cm Consider the width of the tree. Bulkier than she is, the more need lights.

Step 4: Assemble the tool

Definitely need a ladder, not a chair and not a stool. Before you wind the garland on branches, check of its serviceability, not to be sorry for the effort wasted. Stock up on a couple of extension cords. Despite the fact that most of the lights provides the ability to attach to each other, it is not necessary to insert more than 500 lights in a single network wire. Be careful: about 15,000 accidents happen every year in preparation for the New year!

Step 5: the Big ball

Sounds strange, but if you do not wish the garland was confused, roll it into a large ball before hanging. Start to reel with the part that is not inserted into the socket. This will give the opportunity to hold the garland in one hand and hang the other.

Step 6: Start hanging up

Turn on the lights to see where, what, and beginning from the top, just enjoy the process. If a tree stands in the corner, hang the garland horizontally zig-zag, from one side to the other, until you reach the bottom. If the tree is placed in front of the window, wrap the spiral down in a circle. If you like vertical lines you do not mind, but keep in mind that the lights in this case will be located higher from the floor. To create the 3D effect, turn the garland diagonal, closer to the trunk. In any case, it will be beautiful, no conditions: so right and so – no. Everything just the way you want.

Next level

Stir garlands with each other. First install the white lights and then colored only in the other direction. Remember what hung in last. They then will need to start to remove the garland after the holidays.

The highlighted figures

From led lights battery powered, you can make a glowing shape for the house or street. Take the wire hanger from the dry cleaners. With pliers and wire cutters, give them some form, for example, a star shape. Then wrap this iron-based garland and attach to a tree, hang for a bookshelf or hang it from the ceiling.


To wrap tree branches, use a large ball (Step 5). Tightly wrap the branches starting from the lower part of the stem and moving upward to each branch. Don’t try to wrap every branch, if it is difficult and inconvenient. When it’s dark, you will see only those parts that are highlighted.

Anna Zalesskaya

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