How to give birth to three children and keep a perfect figure after 40 years? Tips singer Lyudmila Sokolova

January 27, 2017

The star of the show “the Voice” and mother of three children Ludmila Sokolova told about how she manages to maintain perfect form.

  1. I often say that we are what we eat, watch, read and listen to. It is no coincidence mentioned at the beginning of food, as it contains tremendous amount of information! But in order to be “candy”, does not need to eat candy. I don’t eat fried, fatty, salty, spicy. Do not eat in “McDonald’s”, and are not treated with chemicals, if I feel sick. Only herbs and herbal medications. In the childhood was fond of collecting various herbs and read a lot about them.

  2. For me the saying” eat Breakfast yourself, lunch share with a friend, a dinner give the enemy” is very relevant. Love Breakfast, and wherever I went – not skip Breakfast ever. .Love all kinds of cereals especially buckwheat (it is very useful, it is rich in iron). Do not drink milk,since you know that it often suffers from nasal mucosa. Eat only seasonal fruits and vegetables (i.e. summer). I love nuts and dried fruits.

  3. Bread – yeast-free only and black, from white bread, I refused for a long time.

  4. I grew up in a village and I love very easy food. You can be absolutely happy, if I only eat buckwheat and drink compote of dried fruits… a lot To be happy and do not need.

  5. For me usual a sin – not like chocolate, but I love cakes and pastries. Herself fighting! And at the first signals of the body begin to do gymnastics. Now a lot of available rehabilitation exercises on the Internet which I have studied.

  6. I’m always on the move! And movement is life, and well-being, and health. To see me the couch in front of the TV almost impossible. I always find things – hence the figure.

    When the children were young, exercise was huge, but not, apparently, do not give. I managed to keep the house clean, “in the pharmacy” walk for groceries, cooking, Laundry (washing machine, I had only when the second child was born), to stroke, to work with children, to walk with them(children not walk me to kindergarten), playing with children … and at night singing in clubs…

  7. It is important to take care of themselves. A flower that is cared for – watered, fed and loved, – will always be the most beautiful. After giving birth, I recovered gymnastics. Did a lot of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, chest, arms and legs. Third child at home gave birth in the bathroom, and wasn’t afraid of anything! Yes, I love experiments!

  8. I don’t smoke or drink, if only during the holidays symbolically raise a glass of wine to the health of friends and relatives. Tried many times to engage in the gym and throwing because I like to do gymnastics of the house itself. But that’s my choice.
  9. Half of my life I skated on skis.I have the first adult category in skiing. Now very rarely on skis up, just do not have time, as the ski season is usually full of performances on stage.

  10. If you have the opportunity, I love to sleep, because I know that during sleep the body recovers better than using the drugs. In school we are often told that if before midnight sleep is beauty sleep, and after midnight – just a dream. Of course, life on the road turned me into a night owl, but if you have the opportunity to go to bed before midnight, I enjoy doing.

  11. AboutChen like natural cosmetics – all kinds of oils, sour cream and berry mask, I love the summertime and going with slices of cucumber on the eyelids… When I have time, I prefer to brew nettle and rinse washed hair with nettle infusion. The hair like silk.

  12. I love life and life loves me! All depends on the mood!I’m full of plans and are going to live long enough to do everything. Trees planted lots not yet built a house, had three children, and all my dreams can still come true. I like this condition: if all your dreams have already come true,and have no reason to live. Better when everything is still ahead!

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