How to fix a broken charger for the IPhone and 6 brilliant life hacks

January 25, 2017

No, in the Studio you walk in will be required. Not immediately, at least.

Sometimes you need to quickly and simply solve the problem, at least for a while. Of course, we know that there is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution, but…

So, you have suddenly broken wire on the charger of your IPhone.
It all breaks down. Take a regular plastic tape that seal bags of bread, and turn it in a spiral. Ready!

You took a picture off the wall and I noticed her hole. No, not so. Your children messed the white walls in the hotel room. Closer to reality, right?
Take the toothpaste and safely gloss over minor damage. The trace of the nail – just hide.

Can and soap, why not?

You put a stain remover on clothes, and you right now there to go? Take a marker of the desired color and paint. Once save, and then discard spoiled.

The zipper on jeans treacherously crept? Ideally you would find in the pliers and squeeze them engine zip (hold from the inside and face), so he kept tight. But as a temporary measure and fit a ring of keys.
A blouse! The blouse untucked!!!!

You are a guest and scratched flooring, sliding the furniture? Cut walnut and rubbed all the scratches.

And the hit of the program: the drowned phone. The rule of recovery is to immediately turn it off if possible, separate the battery. And stick on the day the package of Fig.

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Ekaterina Sarycheva

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