How to facilitate the child’s school. Simple and effective techniques

September 5, 2016

To move away from the holidays is not easy. These tips will help your children to comfortably get into the rhythm of school.


To the child it was fun to get up in the morning, make them their favorite Breakfast. Yes, even if sometimes it is only ice cream.

The ideal temperature for sleep — not above 21 degrees.

Set the alarm clock in the far corner of the room, to him I had to get up.

Let the children sleep in complete darkness, so sleep tight.

Turn off his mobile phone. Or take away for safekeeping until the morning, by agreement with the child. Well, you know why.


Teach them to do immediately on arrival from school. In the evening the head does not think even in an adult.

Do your work intervals of 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks.

Put on quiet instrumental music in the background, if the child is often distracted.

Bribe. A good way to stimulate very young students.

Take a picture of the schedule for the week on the phone. So he will be able to quickly see which lessons should meet tomorrow.

If possible, walk 10-20 minutes to school on foot. It activates the brain before the start of classes.

Use sticky notes-reminders for tasks for today.

If all the textbooks and workbooks look the same, sign them with the ends of the pages.


On the chart draw the most important to memorize dates. And then add the minor.

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