July 1, 2016

To cheer up during the day or to put in order the nerves in the evening after work, there is nothing better than a hot Cup of tea. This article shows you how to create your own blend of tea is invented by you and made with his own hands.

1. Determine what taste and flavor you prefer. What is your favorite kind of tea? Look at the label – there you can glean some ideas to get you started. Of course, we should not expect that the manufacturer will reveal the full composition of the tea mixture. In the creation of new varieties of tea a lot of mysterious, so on the way to achieving the goal you expect both successes and failures. Be ready for it!

2. Start with the basics. Buy several simple, without any admixture of teas – say, green or white. They will be the basis for your mix. Similarly, in perfume a few basic odors provide a basis for the development of many different perfumes and colognes.

3. Make a list of flavors and aromas that would like to include in your grade. This may include, for example, cinnamon, mint, orange peel and lemon flower baskets chamomile, cloves, cumin, allspice, and nutmeg. And this is only a small part of the possible additives! To create the world’s best tea blend you can find a lot of other components.

4. Start to experiment! For selecting and mixing the different ingredients it is best to allocate a special time in the evenings. You can even suggest friends and family members to follow your example and try to create their favorite tea blends. For conducting experiments you will need a tea strainer, used for brewing loose leaf tea.

5. Get it in writing. Be sure to write down the results of his experiments! For this purpose it is desirable to have a special “tea magazine”, which can be arranged in accordance with your taste and design abilities. This log should be reflected all the way to the creation of tea blends, including both successes and failures.

6. Name your best tea blends. This is the results of your work, that you created them. So why not baptize them in the name of the man who created them, or give them some sort of poetic name?

7. A wonderful gift! To store your tea blends supplies, bottle for baby food or decorative jars. And remember: created by your hands, tea is a truly unique gift!

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