How to choose blonde: the 5 most fashionable color of this season

August 15, 2016

A long time dream to dye my hair blonde, but still don’t know what shade will suit you? We talked to top stylist Wella Professionals Irina Baranova and found out what types of blonde will be trendy for spring-summer 2016, and how to choose the color for your type of appearance.

Irina Baranova

top stylist Wella Professionals, salon owner of “Irina Baranova”

Golden blond

Staining as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the epitome of the trend of naturalness. Hairstyle model — a shimmering Golden blonde, made in the technique of Shatush on natural dark blonde girls. Looks very nice.

To suit

This shade will go to the ladies with tanned skin, to owners of natural pale skin should avoid Golden blonde — facial features will be lost on a light canvas.

Warm sand blonde

Dark sandy shade with warm Golden sheen and nuance of champagne at modtone, in the technique of classical reverse highlighting. Take the example of Jennifer aniston!

To suit

How to choose a shade of blonde? Most of all this painting will suit girls with light Golden, lightly touched tan skin. It is important that the color of the skin and hair color was not one tone, hair should be a little darker.

Cold platinum blonde

Cool platinum blonde with soft nuances fit perfectly the owner of a light skin delicate and natural blush that looks great on short hair. In the case of Jennifer Lawrence staining is done perfectly.

To suit

This shade will harmoniously enhance the deep colors of green, blue or gray eyes. But brown-eyed women and the nature of the brunettes is better to refuse from such a radical coloring in light blonde.

Californian highlights

What blonde shade to choose? Delicate blonde with a Golden undertone in the technique California highlighting, will suit girls with dark skin. Californian highlights is very popular as it is easily achieved the desired color, which perfectly reveals the nuances of the appearance of the owner of the painting, adds to its image of coquetry and mischief.

To suit

All! This is the most versatile and profitable option for those who decided to become a blonde. However, in combination with a light tan colouring will look more impressive.

Very light platinum blonde

A very bright shade of blonde — deep platinum color hair. One of the “difficult” shades of bright palette that is difficult to achieve.

To suit

Will fit girls with a perfect color skin, any unevenness or redness stands out a screaming sign of “ALARM!” therefore, this color should be careful. Best deep platinum blonde looks great on short haircuts — the Bob, the pixie, the classic Bob. Materials

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