How to choose a good tutor

July 1, 2016

Ivan Ivanov, the Creator of the online service to search for Tutors, trainers and psychologists told about the selection criteria and evaluation of the private teacher.

Sooner or later, all responsible parents thinking that it is time to arrange for your child additional individual lessons with the teacher. The reasons may be very different. Perhaps the child is beginning to lag behind the overall program and want to bridge the gaps in knowledge. Or the child began to show interest in some area, whether it is Spanish lessons or vocal, and the parents want to support his passion. And, of course, if nearing the end of school, extra classes need to pass graduation and entrance exams.

Where to find a tutor

Look for the teacher can be on different channels. In search of a tutor you can trust and word of mouth to find a teacher through a friend – request to friends, colleagues, and friends. Big advantage of this approach is that you learn the reviews of real people and will be able to choose a reliable teacher. However, the choice you will have a small, and not the fact that you find the right specialist through friendships.

The best option is to look at specialized exchanges, where you can find hundreds of profiles and you can choose the tutor that is right in all respects, from specialized areas to the cost of the lesson. Fortunately now it is possible to collect feedback about the tutor online, online view educational documents and certificates. Whichever method you choose, you can always negotiate about a couple of trial lessons to assess the level of the teacher and the contact with the child.

But how to understand that the teacher is really good, and by what criteria should it be assessed?

How to choose a good tutor: basic requirements

The main requirement for any tutor is professionalism. It is quite difficult to determine when they meet, so feel free to ask clarifying questions. How to choose a tutor? Ask how many years the person has been teaching, ask to confirm the qualification and show the document on education or certificates, we will ask what achievements have his students (possibly prize-winning places in Olympic games or victories in competitions). Excessive self-promotion should be cause for concern: likely, this person sees classes solely as a source of income, and great results lessons with him will not. Looking for a friendly and helpful teacher, willing to patiently answer all questions.

Scheme of work

The secret of a true professional is the ability to find approach to any student, regardless of its nature and level of knowledge. Notify the teacher about his child to a tutor immediately for consideration when developing the program. Restless children will need creative tasks, closed tasks, encouraging reasoning in the dialogue, and students with poor memory frequent repetition. The tutor must consider it not only as part of the lesson, but thinking through homework. A good sign if before school he wants to study school notebook and is interested in the list of the textbooks that the children will work in class. This will allow him to understand how much detail the topics that the student does not understand what to emphasize and how much practice he was actually required.

At the first meeting is to clearly define the tasks that the tutor needs to be addressed. For example, if you are interested in the successful completion of the GIA or the exam, then the teacher should be a large collection of tests of previous years. From materials, which will be training, depends half of success, so look for a teacher that uses modern textbooks and manuals. If possible, go to the first lesson with your child, then discuss impressions and take a final decision to stay with this teacher or to continue the search.

An experienced teacher always assesses the ability of the student and talking to him about his goals. In the opinion of an experienced tutor Dmitry Vavulina, the main point in the initial stage of the work – whether the motivated student, whether he wants just to take the exam or wish to gain a thorough knowledge and he is really interested. And only after it becomes clear why the student additional classes, selected methods of work to the classes were given a maximum effect.


Make it a rule every week to receive teacher feedback. A good tutor is always open for communication and discussion of the study. It needs to tell the parents about all cases when a student is late to class or without warning did not come at all. This will help to discipline the child, teach responsibility for their actions.

Be sure to ask the child how things are going in extra-curricular activities whether they are to him and how he generally the relationship with the teacher. Excessive softness and excessive severity, can harm the learning process, the teacher must find a balance. If the child is upset after class and complains about a teacher, it is necessary to understand the situation and discuss everything with the teacher. But do not rush to accuse the tutor of incompetence: perhaps your child is just lazy and fussy. Few children are able to objectively evaluate the benefits of such activities, understanding their value comes much later.

Good results

Don’t expect a week of lessons with a private teacher, your child will suddenly become a genius. Yes, if the tutor would take him home examinations, evaluation will be much better, but to completely eliminate the gaps in knowledge, it takes time. A lot depends on how the child himself is interested in its development. You can hire 15 Tutors, but to sense from them will not, if the student during class considers crows, and then refuses to do homework. If your child is truly motivated, then tutoring will be a springboard, he quickly overtake classmates will be able to adequately pass the exams.

To correctly choose a good tutor is easy if you know what to look for. You and the tutor should become a team and work together to guide the child. Don’t leave training to chance, try to unobtrusively monitor the process and, if necessary, in time to adjust. If you do it right, the results will not keep itself waiting long, and the child then say thank you.

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