How to choose a facial under the skin type: detailed instructions

January 18, 2017

If you want to have perfectly smooth skin, regular trips to the cleaning can not be avoided. We decided to make a detailed guide so you can choose the suitable cleansing for your skin type or problem.

Of course, when you come to the salon, you first need to consult a beautician, and then choose the procedure. However, there are several kinds of skin and types of problems for which you are able to choose the type of cleaning (e.g., ultrasonic cleaning or laser cleaning), guided by our guide!

Ilmira Petrova

cosmetologist, leading specialist of the clinic “Lantan”

Normal skin — ultrasonic cleaning

Normal skin is characterized by elasticity, a good level of moisture and blood flow, sebum is also produced in normal, the pores are almost invisible, no black dots. Does anyone get so lucky? If this sounds like you, then bear in mind that even perfect skin requires care.

For trouble-free skin, the best option is deep cleansing with ultrasound, for example on the device Skin Master. Ultrasound allows the peels of various degrees of depth, to moisturize the skin in the deeper layers and stimulate circulation. Another option to try is a vacuum cleaning of the face.

Also to maintain the effect would be nice once in three months to carry out the procedure fibrotic. The technique combines cleansing, smoothing skin texture, as well as a rejuvenating effect, as one of the active stages of the procedure is nourishment special agent, representing a balanced complex of amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and Biotin.

Oily skin biorevitalization

If you have oily skin prone to Shine, but there are no such problems like acne and blackheads, then try to do several treatments of mesotherapy. The name of this method means “natural recovery”. The skin is saturated with hyaluronic acid and well moisturised. This procedure is best suited for cleansing oily skin.

Acne, blackheads and enlarged pores, some exfoliation and fibrotic

Enlarged pores, blackheads, often zits (acne) and Shine — all these features are characteristic of oily skin. It is unlike other types of skin is often susceptible to inflammation due to active production of sebum.

Also for the normalization of condition of skin can be hardware techniques: ultrasonic facial cleansing (Skin Master), which also helps to cope with black dots, akademijas, fibrotic, OxyLift. For people with problem skin it is recommended to conduct these types of peels like AHA peels, glycolic, TCA-peeling, lye peeling.

If you have very problematic skin, before heading to the procedure, it is necessary to suppress inflammation. Funds for home care should have an anti-inflammatory and seboreguliruyuschee action, and they should appoint a doctor-cosmetologist. Facial cleansing is not recommended at home.

Dry skin — laser biorevitalization

Dry skin is quite common and requires special care. As dryness occurs from insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands and the evaporation of moisture from the surface, it becomes thinner, and subsequently loses its elasticity and scaly. Therefore, you should choose methods with low tissue trauma and to hydration. For example, mechanical cleaning is not suitable.

This is important not only cleanse the skin but replenish moisture. Signs of aging in this case appear very early. In addition to the necessary daily care are required professional treatment — for example, the combination treatments Skin Master and laser biorevitalisation.

Combination skin — akademiens

Combination or mixed skin is expressed in dryness of some areas and greasy in others. Usually excessive activity of the sebaceous glands is observed in the T-zone and cheeks and the skin around the eyes remain normal or dry. That is why the care for this skin type should use tools designed specifically for combination skin.

Professional care it is better to use gentle methods of cleansing — ultrasonic cleaning, academians. Procedure akademiens can not only clean the skin, reduce sebum secretion thanks to the program, Oil-Control. And cosmetic procedure such as cleansing, will help to achieve perfect and smooth skin.

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