How to buy good seeds? Just follow these tips

January 21, 2017

Very soon, gardeners will start favorite season. Now is the time to choose and to buy seeds. How to choose a good and where to buy them, so your efforts were not in vain.

What seeds to choose: the rules

Study the packaging

Do not trust the beautiful pictures on the seed packets. In this case you pay not for quality, but for the beautiful photo, and yet, in the usual paper packets of seeds can be no worse, just the manufacturer thus has reduced the cost of their products. But the information on the package need to study carefully! Especially need to pay attention to the shelf life (do not expire) and the weight in grams, or number of seeds, which are sometimes indicated on the package.

Do not buy exotic

How to select seeds? If you’re new to gardening and don’t live in a warm climate with rich soil, is to choose a proven, hardy varieties of plants that feel good in the middle lane, otherwise you are unlikely to please.

Write down the names

Very useful not to throw out the seed packets and save them until the end of the season. If certain plant varieties has pleased you with a good harvest, be sure to write down their names or take a picture of the packaging to next year to buy the same. Do not rely on memory.

Pay attention to the timing of maturation

How to choose the right seeds? It is better to buy more early varieties as late-usually require more attention and care. Note also that low-growing varieties Mature faster and the packaging always shows the average plant height.

buy seeds of hybrids

They are created by crossing selected varieties — parents to obtain the superior types of plants. The purpose of this crossing is to increase the yield, disease resistance, earliness and other desirable properties. The first generation hybrid varieties is indicated on the package of seed as F1. By the way, the letter F stands for “kids” from the Italian word filli. Unfortunately, plant – hybrids, there is one drawback, they cannot collect the seeds, because of them nothing good will grow, and in the future youre going to have to buy a new one.

don’t be afraid to buy pelleted seeds

Surely, you met the seeds covered with red, orange or green shell. Such products have passed special processing. Seeds envelop protective shell with various nutrients that provide the normal development of seedlings especially in the early stages. Dragonaut seeds are very high quality, so the percentage of defective seeds is almost zero. However, in order to help them to germinate, they need to be watered more often than usual.

Buy seed stock

Different cultures have different germination. If, for example, in a bag was 10 seeds of cucumber and rose only 7 is absolutely fine. So you need to take this into account in advance. Standard level of marriage is about 20%

Check for germination

After I bought the seeds, prepare a small test: take 2 cotton pad, lightly spray with water and put in between 10-15 seeds. Put them in a closed bag and place near the battery. 5-10 days will appreciate the results.

Help seeds germinate

Of course, the results do not always depend only on the quality of seeds. The seeds germinate well, there are several techniques that can help in this.

Soaking: put seeds in a gauze bag and place in water at room temperature for 12-18 hours.
Heat: soak seeds in hot water or in any other place at a temperature of 40-60 degrees.
Stratification: first soak the seeds overnight in room temperature water and then place in the fridge for another 10-12 hours. The next 10 to 15 days day keep seeds in a warm place, and in the night cold as long as they will not germinate. Anna Zalesskaya

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