How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud: avito, irr and other sites the sales on Craigslist

November 3, 2016

Sites selling things on ads – very convenient thing: took a picture of junk, laid out, set the price, waiting for customers. It turns out that not all buyers are honest men. Othergates Scam!

We swap?

You will receive an SMS with a strange link and a message “View my exchange, maybe something like it” or “your ad, offer the exchange.” Click on the link and “view sharing”, of course, not necessary: there is a virus that is or will lock your phone with a picture of a proposal to transfer money for someone’s number, or look in your mobile Bank and steal all passwords.

Run to the ATM!

The buyer can’t meet you and transfer to cash and can not transfer money to the card – because he has such an account, that it on your card the money will go to three days, but “now we will accelerate this process” – VA need only approach the ATM, insert your card and follow the instructions that the scammer will give you on the phone. Pushing the ATM buttons under his leadership, you own hands to transfer money to him and give control of the card (if credit – it will also be frustrating).

Send a message!

You receive SMS quite simply as follows: for example, that your ad is blocked, and to see the responses – send a message to a short number. It is not necessary to send it, this is a paid (and very expensive) message. Responsible company-trading platform even post on their websites warning about these methods of fraud!

And by Bank transfer?

You sell, say, a sofa. Or painting, or piano – something fairly large and not too cheap. Calling you a joyful buyer, said that for a long time searched for such thing for his company, but now he’s on a business trip, but will also buy all of them right now without looking, but since it is firm and complex accounting – by Bank transfer. And the object will send a taxi, for example (here you should ask the question “Why not just transfer the money to the taxi driver”). Further the scheme is simple: for this mysterious clearing you have to give all your card details including security code. Or number from the text message that you now will come from a “designated payment system” is the access code to your mobile jar. Maybe you’ll even receive a message with the word “credited”, but nothing will be enrolled and access your card through online banking will.

Laptop to Nigeria

A very old pattern of fraud: you’re selling a laptop or camera, you in broken Russian says a foreigner who needs your thing. The transaction will be carried out using one of the payment systems: it will transfer the money, and then you will receive confirmation from the payment system – but alas, a fake.

Russian post

Now the buyer – you. The desired product was in another city, the seller sends it to you cash on delivery and according to the tracking number. But upon delivery (after payment) it turns out that there is not the same thing you chose (and it is also much cheaper). But the money has already been paid (otherwise the package you gave).

    Buy password

    The original way of obtaining money from the sellers of iPhones. A potential buyer complains to you that have already made a few attempts to buy a phone, but encountered an error entry into ICloud (be sure to specify that once everything happened, but the phone did not suit for the price). Your iPhone like he’s scared, so please enter the details of the buyer – well, to him in vain not to slide and to make sure this worked? Further all is simple: you enter the password, and thus transmit to the iPhone under the control of the buyer is a fraudster, he changed the password and is selling it to you thousand for 2-3. So no other passwords on your devices!

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