How not to leave the restaurant or cafe more money than you had planned?

July 1, 2016

You will be surprised, but there are special people who are responsible for menu planning in the restaurant. And the main goal of these people is to force you to spend. Let’s see what is wrong with this beautiful paper.

1. Do not put the sign “RR” (or other currency — in foreign institutions)

Try to write on a sheet of paper: “1000”, “1000 roubles”, take a look at these records. Psychologists proved: when we see a simple figure, we automatically tend to spend more. The brain, like as not reads the information that is real money out of our wallet.

2. The most expensive dishes stand above the rest

Imagine lobster 4999 (so be it, we’ll write “RUB”) and in the top line menu. And the simple Burger for only 1500 slightly lower. Of course, we just want to enjoy this “affordable” Burger, and maybe that is more expensive, but not top of the lobster. And the staff and especially the owners of the restaurant should be. The dish, which can be purchased in a well-known fast food 10 times cheaper, here goes “Bang”.

3. By the way, about the prices with the Niners…

You probably already know that the price of “4999” for us is much more attractive than “5000”, and it is even possible, is not conducted on these tricks. But what about standing next to the numbers “350” and “500”? The drafters of the menu understand that non-circular symbols are still much more attractive to the consumer than round, and well play with it. Will check tomorrow during lunch?

4. Long descriptions of the dishes

Noticed that lately in a particularly preferred restaurants, each dish is dedicated to a beautiful paragraph of text? A topping of sesame oil and oregano, ginger mousse, and steak from fresh Australian beef with Chile. The freshness is questionable, but hands still reach!

5. Family names

“Delicious chocolate cake grandma recipe” is hardly cooked though someone’s grandma, “rich syrnichki, as a mother might turn out to be very good, but again, where is the guarantee? Se, unconsciously, we associate with family and childhood goes with a Bang in a warm cozy establishments. Plus a knitted hat on the teapot and all, we’re trapped.

6. Yes, the dummies

Drinks — probably the best menu item. Imagine that the cost of a simple Cup of coffee in the average by 10-15 times lower than the cost in the menu. And the water. And alcohol. We certainly do not encourage, in restaurants only to eat, just be careful when you see the zeros.

And here are some life-hkaw from our readers (and readers):

Elena: “Before you go to a restaurant with friends, I knock a bottle of plain carbonated water, or two glasses if I’m at home. First, I eat less, and secondly, at least at first I will not be thirsty”.

Anton: “my wife and cafes almost always do without snacks. Look at the menu: price salad not much below the cost of a good piece of fish or meat. But the main dish eats faster, and a lot more fun!”

Maxim: “on vacation in the coastal cafe, I always clarify what is written in the price menu: for a full serving, per 100 grams, and so on. Often fresh fish is sold by weight, and in the end the price for the dishes are coming out of space”.

Irina: “Since I stopped eating meat, I loved going to restaurants: simple potatoes with mushrooms almost anywhere and is inexpensive, but this is delicious! In General, look to the side dishes, you will find a lot of interesting things”.

Tatiana: “I love places where there is a special children’s menu. Ordered for daughter’s soup, salad and two main dishes for my daughter and me, they are cuter and cheaper and I quietly eat a small portion. You can not say about my husband.”

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