How many cats need to be happy? This mistress seems to know

October 3, 2016

It all started with chosen on the street freezing kitten.

The Japanese owner of 12 cats different from many known multi-cat ladies. First, all of her cats are purebred Persians, as on selection. Secondly, she’s not crazy lonely old maid.

“It all started when we picked up our first cat, Yuki. She was sitting in the middle of the road and froze. Purebred, but abandoned the cat.”

The next two cats the hostess took from a shelter. And the other 9? It is their children.

“Of course, all my cats are now sterilized, so the addition to the family is no more. Most importantly, time to stop.” This is another difference men home from Japan from our usual grandma’s cat brothels.
“To photograph them all together, I wave their favorite toy-a feather in front of the camera. And those who did not obernulsya, and calling by name. Voila, everyone is in the shot!”


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