Horrible food of our childhood: pickle, fish meatballs and milk foams. To remember and shudder

August 16, 2016

The craze of middle-aged people cooking is quite understandable. We are all so fed in kindergartens and schools, that the psyche is trying to displace the child’s injury.

Not so long ago, when I was in the hospital, kind older nurse asked us: “Girls, will you be dining?” “What you got there?” – we asked. She doubtfully looked in a huge aluminum pan and mused: “Think pasta”.
With the smell came flooding back childhood memories.

If you ask people older than 35 years, most unpleasant from my childhood you remember, of course, there are different opinions, but one thing is common – food is terrible.

Fully admit that chefs in kindergartens and schools was a wonderful, kind, and with Golden hands. Just the products were strange, but they were dragged home. Therefore, at the exit to the children’s plates got something.


It’s hard to call some decent short, soup or soup, for example. It was all the first.

leads the list of terrible first course. Barley, which add a decent people for satiety never fall apart and pounded on the bottom of the dish, as the stones. Cucumbers, in turn, cheerfully popped up. Have you ever seen a child who loves hot boiled pickles? Here I am not.

Soup. Terribly sour and ugly. Sometimes in them there are chicken heads, Yes, real, with scallops. And even chicken feet. Not legs and legs, namely legs – yellow with a thick skin and claws. In addition, the soup somehow always smelled of dirty rags. Assume that the taste was about the same. Well, I just grew up in a happy family, and I never had a chance to try wet boiled rags.

Soup of canned fish. Yes, children, do not be dismayed, your mother and such received for lunch in the dining room. Usually sprats in tomato sauce. Beautiful, red eyes.

Milk soup. He used two configurations – sweet and salty. Be sure with gray pasta and potatoes, sometimes fruit, sometimes it was swimming something else. What to consider was impossible.


Many claim that semolina is delicious. Yes, of course. When her mother cooks or my grandmother, not the cook in the canteen. Rarely, when it is not burnt, a greater miracle was considered the absence of lumps (one of my friend called porridge with lumps – with “belkami”). And when you consider that cooked directly on a large children’s team, it still cooled down at the time of filing.

“Favorite” cereal most of us barley. Whoever came up with that it can feed a child in school, and never allowed into heaven. A particularly nasty surprise was the day when barley combined with meatballs in tomato sauce or cooked braised liver. The appearance of this dish suggests that this is someone eating. Smelled it as well.

The scrambled eggs. Hard to imagine that in the USSR it was made of real eggs. Because real eggs were given separately digested to blue. But the omelette was not blue, but brownish-green, should be powder. The scrambled eggs did not cut the fork from him bounced like rubber toys. Eat it with pleasure could probably pilot Maresyev hero. But he and the hedgehog had eaten!

Burgers to many even liked it. Mostly they consisted of bread and served with a blue monolith pasta, buckwheat or porridge “Artek”. Pasta I made the casserole, it was supposed the fish cutlet, boiled or fried fish, pilipala to her lips.


Tea, milk, cocoa. It would seem, well what is there to worry? But when you consider that tea brewed in a huge pot one at all, he was very peculiar. It said it had added a soda for color. You should not try, children.

Milk and cocoa immediately poured into cups. The most important thing to them was the foam!!! Each class studied a man who was eating them disdainfully pulled on a silver platter. The others watched with awe.

A special offer was jelly. A brownish, milky or unexpectedly pale green color, the taste, however, was always clear-and honey. Common in all configurations was his consistency. Thick, thick, very thick. Sometimes it was impossible not to drink and just shake out of the glass. I suspect that teenage mutant ninja turtles in the sewers could well have arisen in the remains of the jelly.

And the most important a nightmare childhood – fish oil! Him in the garden before dinner educators filled each spoonful in your mouth. The weakest spirit asked me to pour fish oil in the soup. Present the soup with fish oil?

Surprisingly, we survived, and grew up quite healthy. But today, when I see my friends post in social networks photos of Lunches and dinners, I’m absolutely not nervous. A man who grew up on canteen food, normal food could not irritate!

Photo: ussr-kruto.ru

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