Horoscope of happiness and joy: making the signs of the zodiac happy?

August 30, 2016

Everyone wants happiness, but not everyone understands what it really is. And we know what makes every woman happy. Want to know what you are missing to complete happiness?



Capricorns are happiest when they are able to create the perfect life plan. The perfect plan. Of course, great plans ladies-Capricorn will never come true because reality makes them their own adjustments. But it does not matter, after all, happiness is not the fulfillment of all desires. Lady-Capricorn finds happiness in an orderly and timely implementation of individual sections. Most importantly — no one interfered. Because when someone interferes with the plans of lady Capricorn and offers something there to improve, she really, really suffers. And just destroys all done to hell. Along with advisers. And then the pleasure begins to build a new plan to achieve personal happiness.


Aquarians are generally always happy because they for happiness does not need anything. They have everything. Around ladies, the Aquarius is such a lovely, such an interesting world full of mysteries, riddles and puzzles! Life is not enough to to figure it all out! However, usually it turns out that the neighboring apartment is not in session the Masonic Lodge, and the bars don’t do black omens, and he’s the hot guy lady-Aquarius met in a completely unbelievable circumstances — no not mysterious, but simply the mouflon. Well, let them. So please! This is not a problem, because ladies, the Aquarius has a huge world full of secrets, mysteries and puzzles, and luck to solve them! Well, let the world this internal. But no one no more of this!


Pisces — sign is so secretive that no one knows what actually brings them joy and happiness. Even if the feet of the Fish will fall of a young blue-eyed millionaire, and presented her with a diamond ring, hands, heart and keys to the apartment where the money is, Fish only smile out of the corner of your lips and say, “M-m-m-m… Pretty sweet. Thank you.” But we, fortunately, have a magic ball that knows everything about everyone, and about Fish in particular. Fish are happy when they manage another very terrible mojo. Floppy Creation, you know, blue-eyed millionaires don’t just gives: not yet pnesh — will not fly. And to properly kick it are only able to Fish. A terrible injustice! Why do they need all those gifts, huh? They only rejoice in the fact that once again pushed a button that includes a cornucopia.


Aries is happy when they have money — like the fool of candy wrappers. That is, the money should be enough so that they can be scattered and never think where they disappear. And take them to the bedside table. That is mistress Aries does not want to idle: work she loves, but I’m sure the salary she should not give in the envelope, and in the suitcase. That’s when she’ll take everything from life! And those States that do not — those, according to Aries, fools and are not treated. Not in this pie? And what else?!


Taureans are happiest when they are all, as humans. But a little bit better. Figure ladies-Calf, undoubtedly slimmer than girlfriends, a position higher than all the classmates together, house more than the neighbors, and likes on Facebook more than all sorts of talentless hacks. And cats she has the most tolstoye. What ate? That’s just the same! That is, young lady-Taurus happy when successful. Now you can finally exhale and go have fun. To buy a new petusco, for example (the most beautiful, of course), and then go home, go to bed, more than cats and eat tasty under the book. Because the real happiness — it is exactly that.


It is very difficult to say what makes the Twins happy, because today one, tomorrow another. And if today one thing, tomorrow one the day after tomorrow again and again the same thing — happiness turns into a painful torture: what a bore, you can go mad! However, Gemini is still one of the happiest signs. Because mistress Gemini happy in that moment, when the whole world recognizes her undeniable talent. And talents of those she’s about the same as subpersonalities. An infinite set that is.


Cancers are happiest when they are all home. In the truest sense of the word. First, to correct the house: beautiful, large, bright and with a garden. Second, there is really everything: husband, children, friends for the weekend, parents for a week, cat, dog, hamster thick heels and geraniums — and they are all satisfied with the life, bloom and smell. And just when I’m happy all around girl with Cancer says that now it is possible to engage in a major: personal growth, spiritual practice, that’s all. A book you can write again. The result of the miss-Cancer is not necessary. Happiness — it’s a process!


The lionesses make a happy status. Higher it is, The Lioness happier, it’s very simple. The only problem is that every Lioness is very upset if someone doesn’t like, and even more upset when she is jealous of someone: loyal vassals should be admired, and nothing else! Therefore, happiness in the Lionesses short-term: Lioness once again proves all that incredibly steep, then looks around, finds the haters and traitors, is very upset and thinks that we should be above that. Literally above: to prove to them all that she was much steeper than they thought. And because Lionesses are really incredibly tough, they do it. Here it is, happiness! No, wait a second…


Virgo never ask the Universe for personal happiness. Not because they are modest, but because they know that the Universe itself is a system bug: nothing works properly! After all, happiness is when you know a Dev that nobody understands. The inner world of Dev is so complicated that to understand it is not given to anyone — well, except other Virgins, of course(who understand that there is nothing complicated, all very logical!). You would think that Virgo is the most miserable sign in the zodiac, but no, virgin do not know how to be miserable (this is also system bug, don’t tell anyone). The fact that others kill you makes Virgins more fun: cheers, new problem! You can disassemble it into molecules, to examine and collect back. Cool!


Libra is happy when everyone around them is beautifully and correctly. And, since there are almost all ugly and wrong, lady Libra with early childhood learning the difficult skill of selective vision: not seen — so it was not all easy! But for full happiness it still is not enough, so the lady Libra wants everyone around loved her and told her how she is cute and lovely cat. And since all do just that, Weights should be considered the luckiest sign of the zodiac. But no. Lady-Libra, of course, in reality, the cat, and sees around only beautiful and its all love. But she hasn’t decided if she’s happy about it or not.


Scorpio — a special sign, and the happiness he peculiar. Lady Scorpio just can’t be happy among the mortals, because these same mortals are the lowest links in the food chain, and the lady Scorpio, one cuckoo at the top. And because she’s only happy in mortal combat with the brother in mind. To here mate tails, and stand, until someone surrenders. Well, anyway, it looks from the outside. Maybe this is not mortal Kombat. Anyway, the lady Scorpio happy after the victory and after defeat. Perhaps, happiness of Scorpio is to meet on their way to the same unknowable essence and of something his her to wrestle.


Happiness archers in the adventure. Preferably those of which you can then tell grateful listeners and to receive in response to admiring “wow!”. That is why Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac: while all the other characters rush about in search of happiness, wringing limbs, and send the Universe a vague queries such as “Why am I not a bird, why not fly?!”, lady-Archer runs up and jumps off the cliff. On a safety rope, of course. And this is happiness. And all happiness, because happiness is life itself. To live — it’s so cool, why are you all still need a dog?

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