Horoscope of deceit: how evil are you really capable of?

January 27, 2017

We all, of course, the cute cats and girls-paws. Outside. But inside, we have a burning Hellfire of deceit. And, if we ever bring, we are capable of much. Yes there is real evil we are capable of. Want to know how treacherous you are?


Deceit ladies-Capricorn is that nobody expects it to guile. And, in General, true: on such nonsense she just has no time, so she has no plans. It just sort of happens. For example, Capricorns are very treacherous in love. If the young lady is a Capricorn decides that she needs a man, she quickly write the plan of the 100 items that will help him to win. And begin to perform. But in that moment, when the poor will understand that to live without her any longer, lady-Capricorn suddenly swerve project. Because unprofitable. And though the bridge with her jump — not to soften. Died — so died.


Treacherous Aquarius — the suitcases with double bottom. Lady-Aquarius — kindness itself, she’s really cute and very easy: it seems that nothing is able to hurt that she never takes offense and doesn’t mean any harm. In actual fact, she remembers everything. All! Just lady-Aquarius — sensitive nature, she is able to choose the right situation. For example, you hurt Aquarius and forgot about it, and suddenly you “Oscar” award. Red carpet, applause, and journalists. Who will tell them about you? Right, Aquarius. And we must understand that will tell you it is terrible. The most Shameful Secret. And then Pat eyes and say, “what’s wrong?”


Fish — the most insidious sign of the zodiac. Genius and villainy, the Jesuits leveled 80, Machiavelli nervously smokes in the corner. Because the lady-fish of the same kind with those whom he loves sincerely, and with those intending treacherously to betray. And it will never give me cause to suspect she was black treachery. She just weave a clever web of intrigue, and now the unhappy object of her wicked intentions with a running start, jumps off the cliff. Because he suddenly realized that enemies are around and its all hate. Only one Fish — a good, kind man, but that so little…


Lady Rams rarely are insidious because they usually understand well gave them a universe of talent evil designs, gave. This is the first. And second, the Rams just don’t have the stamina. Fortunately. That is, on the contrary, unfortunately. The insidious plans of the young ladies Aries trailing behind her like a parachute for Stirlitz, so to protect himself from her treachery easy. But if the lady Aries decides to act directly and openly (as is usually valid) — then shall the Kingdom of you. Heaven.


Deceit Taurus in surprise. Lady-Taurus really wants to be a good girl, and, in fact, it is. And she is smart and strong. That is a tough one. Therefore, the surrounding shamelessly climb on its mighty neck, and with the comfort they are and the lady Taurus all pulling on ourselves. Silently. Like it should be. But one day she decides that she’s had enough. And then blood is shed. In the best case. In the worst — everything is transformed into a radioactive desert. Those who managed to survive, then go to a shrink and complain how they say it? Be warned though! Oh, what treachery!


The deceit of the Twins that they never plotting any treachery. Minor mischief Twins perfidy do not believe, because, well, it’s too small. As if to catch the young lady’s Twin on the incarnation really black designs, she, without batting an eye, say, “It’s not me!” And, really, not her. Just one of her evil personalities. And we must understand that personality is not just insidious, and deceitful. Navret with three boxes on top, then not otmoeshsya. And it is most offensive — not out of malice it all, not out of malice. Just where else the Twins umische something to do with your excessively numerous intelligence? Knead that it, walking. Fortunately — rare. Insidious personality they have only one. I think.


Subtle manipulator. Lady-Cancer, no one would ever suspect the treachery, because of loved ones she selflessly loves, as long it is absolutely indifferent, so why would she plot against them any evil, right? True, it won’t. All the best — the closest: if the lady with Cancer, someone I really love, it becomes his own mother. And that’s all. Anywhere from it will not go away. Because how, how can we offend this Holy woman? To you she did so much, how can I make her suffer?! In General, associated with Cancer — until the end of days will dance to her tune. Near her skirt.


The cunning Lionesses — most honest in the world of deceit. Lionesses do not have the slightest desire someone to humiliate other people’s suffering gives them pleasure, and revenge, in their opinion, shallow and generally fu. Lioness is wanting to raise his throne a little higher. So treacherous Lioness outlines promising the victim, brings to himself, and introduces to high society and kindly rotates there, yeah. And once the victim achieves something, the Lioness instantly appropriates its merits. And one can’t even say unfairly, that is the deceit!


Judah kiss? No, not heard. For Virgo it’s too easy. Virgin — not just a cunning Jesuit, Virgo is an experienced puppeteer. In her head kept a lot of scenarios by which to live all around. Virgin sends them subtly and discreetly admires the results. Those who thinks, what’s the matter, deemed unfit dolls and must be discarded. But usually no one understands. Because Virgo is manipulating others is not for the benefit and enjoyment for. Well, like her.


Libra generally is not tricky. Exactly. Because Libra is too noble, first, and secondly- too empathic. First lady-Libra puts himself in the place of a possible victim of evil imaginations, fancies the whole situation in detail and experiencing a whole range of feelings, put unfair devotee: all the hurt, all pain, all self-pity. And decides that it’s too cruel. But if the lady Libra decides to deceit, it has a totally clean and child: “don’t take my toys and do not write in my pot!” This is the maximum. Here all would be well, Yes?


Deceit ladies Scorpion is born before her, in fact. She’s not even contemplating anything like that, she just lives it. Insidious plans, elegant mnogohodovki, cunning manipulation — is not evil, it’s just a way to relax. It is possible not to pay attention, because where would you go? The one who is hooked on the ladies of Scorpio, doomed to hang there until the end of his days. But it’s certainly not the worst. The worst thing is to go to Scorpio road. Because in this case, innate cunning lady Scorpio is enhanced by other innate quality. Ruthlessness. Well, as they say, Amen.


Deceit ladies of Sagittarius is in the open. If she decides someone is treacherously to betray, the first thing I tell all my friends. Because it’s so interesting to discuss! Together to build cunning plans, to improve the skills of guile, to hone the details of the intrigue. Actually, this lady-Archer usually calms down, because he suddenly understands that the deceit is undignified, and anyway she was lazy. The problem is that many friends girls-Sagittarius just do not understand. And with the name of the Archer on the lips go on the warpath. And it must be said, a giant army. In General, there is no chance.


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