Horoscope for the week: Lions a change of scenery, Capricorn-improvement of Finance

January 30, 2017

Forecast for January 30 – February 5 the precipice of Faith, Chubinashvili.

ARIES (22.03-21.04)

General: 3 Feb Venus enters the sign of Aries definitely have a positive impact on the lives of the majority of representatives in the first sign of the Zodiac circle. The second half of this week You will be very soulfully, and every cause for which You undertake, promises to lead to a positive result. Be bold and You will achieve anything you want.

Finances: the Stars indicate that in the first week of February You will have to exercise special prudence in relation to its finances. Try not to make hasty purchases and carefully weigh your options.

Love Everything about romance, You will in the most positive way. You will be a magnet for the opposite sex, and this week will be spent in the most sublime feelings.

Work: this week the Rams with proper effort can achieve amazing results. However, the increase should not count. Most likely, Your efforts will be rewarded, but in some other way.

The day: Monday

Adverse day: Thursday

TAURUS (22.04 – 21.05)

Total: Year of the Rooster will start for the Bulls with bright events, positive character. Less yawn — around plenty of opportunities that require your attentive eyes that can see your chances, even if they are minimal. The most enterprising of the Bulls in the first half of the week will be able to show their best side in any case, which will take.

Finance: do Not expect that the Fire Cock is gonna make Your way this week, but special needs under his variegated wing, You also will not experience. Moderate spending and earnings — that is an accurate description of Your financial situation in the coming seven days.

Love: the Stars strongly recommend trying to tie a new relationship, if You doubt the result. First, confidence is an essential component of success, and secondly, Venus this week will not the most favorable position.

Work: At work the most successful will be the representatives of the professions associated with high risks — that is, the rescuers, police, medical workers, etc.

The day: Saturday

Inauspicious day: Sunday

GEMINI (22.05 – 21.06)

General: the Stars recommend You in the coming seven days look to what is happening around them. The most sensitive Gemini will be able to discern hints of the Universe, following which You will be able to find in your life something new, good and bright. Try to focus on intuition — is not only a fun experience but also worthwhile experience.

Finances: the Stars will be favorable to the Twins, who are interested in large profits, and most importantly — have an idea on how to remove it. If You are one of these people, this week is a great time for outdoor activities.

Work: during this week’s air Gemini will be quite hard to focus on the relationship, even if it is about long-established unions. In this regard, should show more sensitivity to the partner and try a little to tame their will to freedom.

The day: Friday

Bad day: Tuesday

CANCER (22.06 – 21.07)

Overall: the First half of the week will be held for Cancers completely rosy. Starting Thursday, the situation will change — You will feel some anxiety, which, however, will eventually prove to be unfounded. Thus, You are anticipating the approach of the penumbral Lunar Eclipse that will take place next week.

Finance: There is a small chance that You will miss the chance to obtain quick and easy profits due to their suspicion. If this happens, do not despair: the money would be gone just as quickly as they appeared.

Love: it is Not excluded that You will have a new hobby. The stars indicate that perhaps the development of a strong Alliance, so do not underestimate a casual acquaintance and their role in Your life.

Work: the working week will be quite stable, without any outstanding events, which, in turn, will be used in other areas of Your life and not professional.

Auspicious day: Wednesday

Bad day: Tuesday

LEO (22.07 – 21.08)

General: the Stars recommend to the Lions this week, be sure to change the situation. The ideal option is to go on a long journey where You will not encounter a familiar routine, familiar faces and hateful landscapes. But, if this option for You now is quite difficult, you can choose an alternative solution — for example, to cook something new for dinner, buy clothes, to try an unfamiliar route home.

Finance: You Have the chance to save on any purchase. If still You have something saved up, then be sure to ask, don’t fell this thing in price. It’s possible that now You can afford it.

Love: it may well be that someone is interested in You and make it clear about their intentions. The stars indicate that Your Union will be stable, strong and happy.

Work: You will encounter a lot of small details that significantly complicate the workflow. However, the lion — all teeth, and You will cope with the task entrusted to You faster than expected.

The day: Friday

Inauspicious day: Saturday

VIRGO (22.08 – 21.09)

General: the planet of love Venus is in Aries, many Zodiac signs will be a real tragedy, but considered a virgin, this situation is unlikely to bother. “If there’s no time for romance, it’s time to get down to business” is Your motto in the coming seven days. Other people will marvel at Your efficiency and confidence, You’re not to other people’s admiration: You are busy with something too important to pay attention to detail.

Finances: You won’t need the money, so now is the time to start off on something big, than You may have very long dreamed of.

Love: All issues related to romance, are for You during these seven days somewhere not even on secondary and tertiary positions. You still have time to pay attention to the feelings later.

Work In the professional sphere You will be a true Titan, able to crush any obstacle. No the problem which could not solve the maiden in the first February week.

The day: Sunday

Inauspicious day: Monday

LIBRA (22.09 – 21.10)

General: You are at a crossroads as a knight with the famous painting. But, unlike his situation, You any way will bring only positive results. However, at the moment, it’s not as obvious, so it is possible that you think You are taking too a tough decision. Be confident in your future — all develops in the best way.

Finance: You can equally get rich this week or much spend. The Golden mean is something that will be very difficult to come. However, this path is for You — the most loyal. Find balance, eat properly dispose of their funds.

Love: Love sphere of life in Weights will not be enough noticeable. Blame — not the most favorable position of Venus, which, being in Aries, dulls the sense sphere of representatives of different Zodiac signs.

Work: Work can put Your plans if You wait to the last moment. Better fulfill your objectives in time, and then not have to regret the missed opportunities.

The day: Saturday

Unfavourable day: Friday

SCORPIO (22.10 – 21.11)

General: Scorpio lucky more than other signs of the Zodiac, as it is able in the first week of February to compensate for the lack of warm energy of the planet love your own passionate energy. All week You will be absorbed a variety of feelings that will intuitively guide You through life, pointing the way.

Finance: You Have a serious chance to earn a decent amount, if You can awaken in himself a streak of entrepreneurial spirit. Qualities such as wit, charisma and insight will allow You to significantly improve the financial situation.

Love: Transforming your sexual energy, Scorpio can compensate the lack of warmth in the relationship with their partner. Together You will lead your Union in a harmonious state.

Work: it is possible that You will offer to try to fulfill new duties — naturally for a surcharge. You will be surprised how easy it is to cope with them.

The day: Sunday

Bad day: Tuesday

SAGITTARIUS (22.11 – 21.12)

General: during the first week of February patron 2017 Fire Rooster will look to You to assess how You are hardworking, Thrifty and responsible. As You prove yourself these days, will largely depend on upcoming events in Your life. Try to organize your time in order to please the finicky bird.

Finance: the majority of archers in the middle of the week will happen an event that will open a powerful financial flow from which You can draw upon resources to Sunday.

Love: All the time that You spend in the second half, which gives You incredible energy. Use this power correctly, choosing only those goals which is really important for You.

Work: the working area for Sagittarius will be notable for a number of unusual situations that You will be able to allow for that will earn the praise of the employer.

Auspicious day: Wednesday

Inauspicious day:

CAPRICORN (22.12 – 21.01)

General: Capricorns should be more attentive to the signs that occur on the road. If some random episode made You wary and doubt in my own mind, is once again carefully weigh all the “pros” and “cons” — it is possible that the universe warns You that You have not made a mistake.

Finance: This week is a favorable time to substantially improve the financial situation. But unnecessary costs should be avoided.

Love: Your partner will really need attention. Even if You do not want to show tenderness and sensitivity, try to overcome it and to pay attention to its second half.

Work: the Second half of the week is a good time to be interviewed.

The day: Thursday

An unfavourable day: Friday

AQUARIUS (22.01.- 21.02)

General: this week is not excluded conflict situations with different people and on different occasions. Try not to go on the rampage out of spite, and if some man You really unpleasant, just avoid meeting him. Pay more attention to positive emotions.

Finance: Spending committed in that period, did not hit hard on Your financial situation. However, it is best to purchase only the things which You really need.

Love: You will be very attractive to members of the opposite sex, but do not rush to reciprocate — examine them carefully to people, not to commit rash acts.

Work: You will discover something new during the performance of professional duties. This discovery will greatly inspire You.

Favourable day: Tuesday

Inauspicious day: Saturday

FISH (22.02 – 21.03)

General: You are on the verge of great change. Now is the time to plan how to develop Your life further. Try to consider everything in order to understand how close You are from the objectives.

Finance: You will have the opportunity to prove himself as a philanthropist or sponsor. If You use it, this will positively affect further developments.

Love: mid-week You will feel an urgent need in the native person nearby. Those Fish that have well-established relationships are satisfied by the presence of the beloved, and those who are in search of, have all chances to find a right person.

Work: This week is favorable primarily for Fish creative professions.

The day: Thursday

Inauspicious day: Sunday

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