Horoscope for August: Taurus love and adventure, Libra – secrets and lies

July 29, 2016

The main trends of this month, horoscope astrologer Olga Pashkova.

Until 22 August the lonely Sun in Leo inclines to the active expression of your true nature, abilities and talents, ambitions and ambitions. But not supported by the energy of other planets, all these aspirations risk being left only weak attempts. So, if you want to achieve impressive results, be prepared to put in the effort will have or fearlessly repeatedly to storm the barriers, or to endure painful blows to the ego and criticism.

Throughout the month, mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo focus on the household, domestic chores and health care. From August 22 to these planets join the Sun, increasing the vector’s debt and liabilities.



You have a great “planetary situation.” In the beginning of the month – love, recognition, popularity, success, pride in children and their achievements. 5-15-th – abundance of male attention, courtship and gifts, success, leisure and entertainment. The second half of the month profitable and filled with fervent passion and dramatic feelings on the love front active combat actions: jealousy, rivalry, envy. If you want to avoid the storm of love, put the focus on children, Hobbies and activities or material work such as needlework and crafts.



Are you still in the area of “storm”, try to adapt to circumstances and avoid conflicts. You need to maintain a balance between the requests of others and their own interests. In mid-month, the growing tension in the house, and to avoid confrontation, to actively engage in household chores. The third decade will bring a recognition, success, love and all sorts of bonuses. This period of favorable negotiations and appeal to the powers for help.



New projects, friends, group interests and Hobbies, the main trend is the beginning of the month. And this is the period of maximum freedom and minimum restriction. Since mid-August, will increase the obstacles and the feeling that they were going to touch in total darkness. Reveal secrets and lies, but also increases the risk to get caught in lies and deceit, so do not lose vigilance and be as honest.



If you do not have time to finish the important things until 5 August, will have to adjust to the requests of friends and to participate in collective projects. You will entice a new group hobby, you’ll be happy to migrate from the gym in the cooking club, photo Studio or stylist courses. The second half of the month will pay attention to finances or the likely large inflow of funds, or tangible waste. It depends on how alert you were given the budget the last few months.



In the beginning of the month relaxed drifting in the waves of pleasure, love, entertainment and recognition. It is not excluded that it-you, enjoy the journey. If from society to leave have failed, it increases your credibility. Try not to splurge to 10 and be nice and flexible in dealing with the opposite sex, otherwise you’ll have to sort things out and expose the deceptions of the entire month. From 20th – career growth and rapid achievement of goals. You may propose a change or improvement. Go for it!



First week declines to Trat, drama and risk. Please be patient – you will be running and social activities, and you will pass the reefs. The entire month take care of the reputation and health – you can criticize for any reason, and it would undermine the nerves and health. Is will rest in the journey or at least frequent sojourns in nature. The last week will bring back your confidence. It is the brightest period of the month when you will be in the glory and abundance!



Still dominates the vector of family Affairs, or your attention is focused on social work. The more you give and give, the more harmonious relationships with others, because the force on their side. 6, the focus shifts to finances spouse and partners a profit, you have plans for how to spend it. In the second half of the month will have to choose: or has to bring their own projects with the support of friends, or to plunge into the whirlpool of risk and crisis circumstances.



Routine and the burden of the debt will gradually recede, freeing a place of love, family plans and active leisure. If you devote yourself to the Affairs or interests favorite companions, you’ll be able to avoid criticism and conflict. This month the concessions and receive gratification from harmonious relationships with loved ones. With the 23rd connection mercury, Venus and Jupiter in late Virgo will give seeking happiness unique the chances of a love connection with a wide attractive prospects. Married ladies – the success and recognition of a spouse.



Until August 5, a party atmosphere, then you have to fulfill obligations and to obey. The whole month I want a long journey, and it seems as if somewhere the “grass is greener”. But perfect will be just a business trip, a holiday home and entertainment away from home period is not favorable. 21 show the pressure upstream and representatives of law – must have a completely law-abiding life. And it’s the perfect time for learning foreign languages, communication with people from afar and long term goals.



The beginning of the month completes the period of construction and restore order in the house. 5 – love, adventure, fun, creativity, success in children. A celebration of life virtually without hindrance, except from the 20th to pull in a questionable financial venture. Beware of the risk, otherwise you have to restore your health and financial situation. But this period is ideal for socializing with influential and rich people who approach them for help. Unmarried – familiarity with solid and powerful partner.



Try all the important things to catch in the first week, since then in increasing numbers will come up obstacles and restrictions. In the best case you will entice garden work, household chores or caring for relatives. In the worst – prepare for unexpected equipment breakdowns, unplanned expenses for repairing, household needs and problems of the parents. Mid-month will show a maximum of flexibility to avoid conflicts.



To 21 likely to show a profit, but the peak earnings 1 through August 5, so don’t be lazy! It is important to train, travel, tying useful status Dating. By mid-month rapidly growing volume of routine and obligations, or have a lot of work, or sick often. The second half of August is completely dedicate to health. The last week will be pampered with attention and care of others, and your brothers and sisters – popularity and success.

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