July 2, 2016

The perfect addition to any tasty food has always been considered a tasty fragrant sauce made from vegetables or fruits combined with savory spices. This Supplement makes the food richer in flavor and emphasizes the individuality of each dish. One of the most popular for cooking sauces fruit is considered a normal discharge – it can help to make a excellent basis for a delicious sauce that can be served with fish, pasta or meat on the grill.

Longer to eat pieces of plum, we recommend you to make it a sauce and to preserve for the winter. The twist of this kind is combined with meat and good for both everyday use and for feasts. Serve plum sauce to the table for New year or other occasion and take the admiring compliments of your guests! In this article we will discuss how to prepare the plum sauce and the right to close it in jars for the winter.

Choose plum for canning for the winter

Before you take the initial steps to prepare winter sauce of plums, the fruit should start to find and carefully select the ripest and the best, which will prepare the seasoning. But if you’re not careful at the initial stage, resulting in preservation may ferment and will disappoint you in the winter, so don’t neglect the following tips:

• Choose whole beautiful fruits plums, which are not marked with dents or other defects;
• On the other hand, don’t choose too overripe fruit, which can taste bitter in the end;
• Don’t forget to pull out fruit seeds for long-term storage of workpieces.
• Wash each fruit with a care, throw away the leaves and the stalk.

Choosing the right utensils

Prepare dishes in advance of the desired volume, so that the cooking process of the sauce and twist it passed without any problems. Don’t forget to consider all advice about the process, otherwise you can get something that will disappoint you in the end, the sauce will not be able to be in banks for a long time. As for utensils, you will need:

• The pelvis is a large amount of plastic material for washing the fruits;
• The pan is an enamel-coated cooking sauces;
• Ordinary glass jars for preservation of ½ liter;
• Chopper+slow cooker.

Delicious step by step recipes plum sauce for meat

With the help of the plum fruit can get a very fragrant and tasty seasoning, without which the taste of the meat or fish will not be as versatile and spicy. There are a wide variety ways of cooking plum sauce, and each one comes out perfectly delicious.

After once you try the plum sauce, you will dream about this Supplement. Basically specialists in the cooking of the sauce from the fruit of the plum is of Caucasian chefs, cafes and restaurants. Take, “Tkemali”, made according to the original recipe, which you can enjoy forever! To prepare the sauce and other similar condiments, revealing the taste of the finished dish, you don’t need any special tricks you can do at home. This is followed by step-by-step recipes for popular sauces from plums harvested in the winter.

Sauce plum sauce “Tkemali”, Georgian recipe

Known for its abundance of delicious and nutritious dishes, Georgian cuisine is very popular among the Slavs, especially the residents of the CIS countries. I love Georgian cuisine and in our country mainly due to meat dishes and sauces that they are served, for example, Tkemali or Satsebeli. The latter can be regarded as the most warmly admired and loved, it is often served with dishes of pork, beef or lamb. Sour-sweet pleasant taste that will bring to ecstasy anybody who eats just a teaspoon of this sauce, and in stock every prudent housewife must necessarily be a recipe, even if not original, this sauce. Thus, give a recipe:
• Plums – 0.6 kg;
• Cilantro – a bunch;
• 6 cloves of garlic;
• Cayenne, 2 g + ground coriander, 4 g;
• Lemon juice ½ cups;
• Salt – quarter tsp;
• Sunflower oil – 20 ml.

Method of preparation:

1. The washed plums into a saucepan with enameled cover.
2. Cover the fruit with water, put them on the stove and bring the fruit to a boil. Slightly reduce heat, cover plums with a lid and cook them until they become soft, about 15-20 minutes.
3. Water pour from the pot through a colander to remove the pits from the plums and mash the fruit on a sieve with small tick marks. It is true that I ground back into the pan, to this add the chopped garlic (it is better to use chesnokodavilku), stir in the chopped cilantro and the rest of the list, in addition to vegetable oil.
4. Put the saucepan again on the fire, the resulting mass boil, then soak it for a few more minutes over the fire and remove.
5. What happened, spread on pre-sterilized banks. Up pour oil and tight can. If you do twist, you can just store the sauce in the fridge for a few months.

Ketchup from tomatoes and plums for the winter

Those who never had a chance to try the ketchup recipe, which includes plum, doesn’t know about incredibly juicy and refined flavor of this seasoning. Don’t forget to try this sauce to make sure its incredible taste. Plums and tomatoes combined to give the original taste, the key point of which is a combination of sour and sweet notes.

We recommend you to make a few twists for the winter, using this recipe. In this case, you will be able to see the huge popularity of the sauce from plums among your guests and loved ones. To get started you will need:
• Tomatoes – 1.7 kg;
• Yellow or blue plums – 700 g;
• Onion – 200 g;
• Salt – 1,5 tbsp;
• Sugar – 200 g;
• Red chili – 3 PCs;
• Hops suneli – 3 g;
• Bay leaf;
• Vinegar – 40 ml;
• Garlic – 150 g;
• A mixture of herbs (Basil, parsley and dill) – 1 bunch of each plant.

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the tomatoes, remove peel, cut crosswise near the base, drop into boiling water. Remove pits from plums. Cut the onions into 4 parts.
2. With the help of a blender make a paste of tomatoes, plums and onions. What happened in the end, boil in a saucepan with enameled coating for about 2 hours on low heat. Use a blender to grind the herbs with garlic and Chile. Everything received add to the mix of tomatoes and plums and cook further for about 30 minutes, until then, until the milk becomes thick.
3. Remove the Bay leaves from the pan. Ready-made plum sauce pour into clean jars, take them out and leave to cool.

Hot sauce of blue plum to meat dishes

Like many sauces from them in an indescribable subtle sharpness that can enhance the taste of food or give it a tune up with new colors. When chefs prepare a Supplement from plums to meat dishes, the course is a lot of chili. In this way professional cook seeks to achieve a spicy flavor with sweet and sour notes. Spicy sauce from blue plums a good idea to prepare as preparations for the winter due to the fact that it long can be kept in the Bank do not deteriorate. So, let’s get to the recipe. You will need:

• Blue plum – 4 kg;
• Chili pepper – 4 PCs.;
• Garlic – 4 heads;
• Salt – 25 g;
• Fresh herbs (cilantro, Basil, dill) – 1 bunch;
• Coriander powder;
• Walnuts – 1 handful.

Method of preparation:

1. Carefully wash the plums, remove from them all the bones.
2. Cook for about half an hour, then mash through a fine colander or sieve with a silicone spatula.
3. Stir in remaining components, pre-chopped, and cook until until the seasoning will not be thick.
4. The sauce is ready, spread on the banks, tighten the lids and put in a warm place.

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