July 1, 2016

The soups are varied. But soups for women and soups for men differ in the choice of ingredients and tastes. If women require more light and low-calorie soups, that men quite the opposite – we need the soup is quite nutritious and hearty to fill up on the effort to work. So, let’s cook the soup for real men!!!

You will need: meat (lamb) – 0.5 kg fresh unsalted pork fat – 200 gr. large potatoes – 10 pieces fresh cabbage – half of head, tomatoes (more profitable to choose a sort of “bull’s heart”) – 4 PCs., sweet peppers (called “Bulgarian”) – one red and one yellow onion – medium size 4 PCs., garlic – one head, corn oil, ordinary rock salt, ground black pepper, Apple cider vinegar 50 gr. fat sour cream.

For cooking – use five-liter pot. Take the lamb and cut into large pieces, put in pot and turn on the big heat. Wait for boiling (do not forget a slotted spoon to remove the foam, then cook the meat on medium heat for 40 minutes. Next – we will add all the following ingredients without interruption. Will Nachinaem cabbage coarsely and add to the boiling broth. Peel potatoes, cut into squares and also sent in a pot. Attention! You don’t need to prepare anything! Do everything technical and everything has to the right time! As we prepare each ingredient is clean-cut and so on, we have time be done to a turn previous to the required readiness. Now shred into strips tomatoes and peppers and pour them into the pan. Fresh pork fat cut in dice and fry until receipt of greaves. Add the rinds to the soup – to be together with melted frying with lard (for satiety dishes!). In a cast iron pan with a thick bottom is lightly fried, cut small-a small onion with the garlic in corn oil with the addition of 50 grams. Apple cider vinegar. After – pour into the pan together with oil and vinegar. Five minutes before completing the cooking add to the soup a tablespoon of salt and two small spoons of pepper.

Serve the soup to the table – preferably very hot. In every bowl of soup – put a tablespoon of thick cream. Nice and active you appetite! Eat health!!!

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