Hmm… mother of many children, giving birth without painkillers, is experiencing a three-week orgasm

November 3, 2016

“Sorry for the uneven handwriting…”

Once Emily Street was afraid to give birth. After the birth of their first son, transferring all the related suffering, they have even sworn never to do it again. And who does not renounce?

Now she’s 35, she has four children, and she says that she gave birth to three easily. She bore them with euphoria. That work, too?

The woman says it is. And this, in her words, helped technique Hypnobirthing (Hypnology).
“The feeling of euphoria during and after childbirth lasts until three weeks. It’s close to orgasm”
Emily is a midwife and childbirth had seen enough. And he knew firsthand what it was like. At some point she is so afraid to give birth, and began to look for any ways to avoid the generic pain.

And she argues that this technique works.

Warning to the editorial office: we have not tried this myself, unknown to us experts in this technique and we do not have any information about the benefits or harm of this method. All told in this article — on the conscience of Emily Street.

“Imagine there is a difference: to strain the cries of “push! PUSH!” or relaxed lying while listening to music? Both genera, but different” “In the classic version you tense a few hours and overload the lungs hyperventilation. In the embodiment Giproruda you breathe, and your body rolled waves of pleasure”.

“No midwife and no doctor will argue with the fact that a relaxed woman is giving birth easier the stress”.

Despite the unusual method, and that its supporters call it “natural childbirth”, she encourages Emily to give birth ONLY in a hospital and ONLY under the supervision of doctors and specialists. And asks not to confuse the concept of “natural childbirth” with the concept of “home birth”.
“At home, with childbirth there is nothing natural in addition to natural selection. Infections, injuries, complications and Heath mortality — uterine bleeding. No, I would never have gone for a home birth and do not wish to do such a silly thing anyone.”
“Each is free to give birth how she likes it, but it should be done in normal conditions, with the physicians at arm’s length”.

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