Here are my top 10 horror movies to watch on Mother’s Day — because there are a lot of ways to celebrate

May 13, 2017

Mother’s Day has been mildly irritating for me over the years. My friends usually want to make a big fuss, but I really just want to be left alone so I can watch horror flicks back to back.

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Mother’s Day has been mildly irritating for me over the years. My friends usually want to make a big fuss, but I really just want to be left alone so I can watch horror flicks back to back.

Specifically, I want to watch movies with single mothers as the main characters.

My loved ones don’t generally think about that — and none of the top ten lists I’ve seen use that as criteria, so I want to create a list of the top ten horror films starring single mothers. I realize that it’s a weird way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but that’s just the sort of mum I am!

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This one is pretty weird. Back when the channel Fear Net was a thing, I would always catch the movie Triangle in the middle, so I never understood the plot. Once I got to see it from the beginning, I realized it was a scary version of Groundhog’s Day from the perspective of an overwhelmed single mother. I can’t tell you a single thing about it or it will give away the twist. Just know that you need to watch it from the beginning and stay tuned until the end.

9Goodnight Mommy

Mother’s Day celebrate every type of mother — including a mysteriously reclusive mother who refuses to show affection to her children post-surgery. Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian film where a single mother returns home to her twins after substantial facial reconstruction. Once the twins figure out that this may not be their real mother, they devise a plan to confront her. The only reason I didn’t rank this higher is because I couldn’t find an English version and reading subtitles distracted me from the film at times. Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (the film’s creators) did an excellent job of bringing this horror to life.

828 Days Later

So this one celebrates all the single mothers who adopted their child(ren). The main character, Selena, takes in a precocious little pre-teen named Hannah after she is orphaned by the virus outbreak that has taken over London. Selena is not the doting type at all, so Mother’s Day probably wouldn’t be her thing. But she does teach Hannah to use drugs to numb her pain in the face of inescapable male supremacy. 28 Days Later is one of the greatest zombie films of all time…though some zombie aficionados will claim that the virus didn’t actually create zombies (the infected never ate brains, nor were they reanimated after death). This non-traditional family structure was still one that deserves  spot on this list.

28 days later

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7Child’s Play

Being a single mother was hard enough for Karen without having to defend her son against police suspicion that he was a murderer. Karen worked her butt off to provide her little Andy with the essentials — food, clothes, shelter, and toys. Karen scraped together some money and got her son the Good Guy doll all the kids wanted. Unfortunately, the one she got was possessed by a homicidal maniac who terrorized them. Out of all the Chucky incarnations over time, the original Child’s Play movie is the best — and it’s the only one where a single mom plays a significant role. This supernatural ’80s slasher film made me appreciate my mother so much more. The only thing I didn’t like was how they warped Afrocentric religious practices into something evil. Otherwise, great Mother’s Day horror movie.

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