Heart in a gift. A dying three year old girl miraculously found a match on Christmas eve

December 28, 2016

She was desperately ill and needed a heart transplant. It was a race against time: the whole year, the girl’s parents believed in the miracle, but she continued to fight. By December the little hope.

That their daughter will be born with a congenital heart defect, the doctors said after the ultrasound on the 20th week of pregnancy. Realizing that the child may not live even before birth, parents have offered to terminate the pregnancy. But, Kerriann Maxwell and her husband, John refused.

“We thought about our older children, Joshua and Nathan, and decided that Sophie should join them. All I wanted was to see my little girl was born,” says Kerriann.

The first heart surgery Sophie did just 5 days after birth. Through the year to the second surgery, but it was not enough. The girl put in place to search for a donor heart is the only thing that could save her.

As the months passed, but there was no news. Sophie and her parents went to live with a difficult diagnosis. She could walk a few steps, and then begins to choke. No active games could not go and speeches: all the fun girls were confined to drawing and looking at photos. Health problems affected the child’s development: Sophie hardly spoke.

In September, some sixth sense made, Kerriann to go to his daughter’s room. Sophie was lying in bed, face purple and did not respond to sounds. At the hospital, doctors put the girl in a priority queue for the donor search. It seemed that the end is near, and she will be happy. But suddenly the situation of the complex was just awful.

Sophie began blood poisoning. The girl first transferred to the ICU, and two months later, the doctors suggested the parents to stop treatment.

“They told us that it is better to take Sophie home, she spent the last days with his family. We agreed. But I knew that my daughter is a little fighter, and we were not going to surrender,” says Kerriann.

In preparation for Christmas, which could be for Sophie for the past, parents tried to arrange a real holiday and all means to distract children from the sad thoughts. In their house the whole family gathered, they opened presents, played at the Christmas tree, but holiday had to be interrupted. Body suddenly Sophie was violet, the girl became ill. The parents immediately called an ambulance.

Three hours later, the hospital finally happened, a real Christmas miracle waited so long for this family: the doctors said that still try to do a heart transplant. A donor was found.

“My knees buckled. It was an incredible feeling, as if all our Christmas wishes will finally be fulfilled,” recalls Keriann.

The transplant was scheduled for the next day. The operating parents accompanied emaciated child with a bruised face. After seven hours, their little daughter returned to them smiling and rosy.

“After everything she went through, she was smiling! We don’t know anything about the donor whose heart was transplanted into Sophie, but we are incredibly grateful to his family for this chance for our girls,” says Kerriann.

Source: mirror.co.uk Anna Stachura

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