November 18, 2016

In this article I want to touch on the topic of food. There are many sayings about food, such as this: “We are what we eat”, etc. And they all have deep meaning. From the food that we eat, much depends, first and foremost is our health. I learned firsthand how important it is to eat right and stick to moderation in food. It will definitely affect your health for the better.

So, I want to write about the Agordino, in particular the spinach. This plant will help to restore physical strength. Spinach precocious, and the iron content of most vegetables is in the first place. Also, it is rich in proteins. Be sure that this culture will support the body with vitamins. Offer a great salad with spinach, chicken breast and feta cheese. This salad is great promotes weight loss, and a festive table decorate. And start doing it with the sauce. To make it press out the juice of 1 orange in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon mustard and honey and whisk (if you have a blender, it will speed up the cooking process). Then 3 cloves of garlic passed through the press (a garlic press), there also finely chop 1/4 of the chilli, add to the sauce a pinch of salt and beat again. The sauce is ready.
Part of this sauce, pour in a deep bowl (if churned in a blender). Put the sauce into washed and dried spinach (tear) and Basil leaves (also to break up), pour the rest of sauce. Let it marinated 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile, cut cooked chicken fillets (180-200 g) pieces of size 0,5×0,5 cm. Cubes cut the cheese “Feta”. By the way, you can replace it with cheese. It is to your taste, someone like that. Lettuce wash, dry, tear by hand and all lovingly laid out on a wide flat plate slides like salad “Daisy” (aka “rainbow”). 1-I hill – chicken, 2 slide – pickled spinach with Basil I, 3-slide – maize, 4 slide – salad, I-5 slide – feta or white cheese, 6-I hill ground walnuts and 7-I hill – again marinated spinach with Basil. In the middle put the blueberries, but you can replace them with grapes – also a delicious combination. First, the salad is very beautiful, second of all, delicious, but most importantly is that it is quite useful. Besides, spinach is not only great for salads and first courses. Your vitamins spinach retains, even if it is to preserve or freeze fresh. So, dishes with spinach are prepared all year round, it would wish to prepare it in the summer.

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