“He fell asleep next to me never woke up”. Mother warns against joint sleep with the kids after a terrible tragedy.

December 16, 2016

Her life now consists of constant feelings of guilt and doubt. She can’t forget that night, when she peacefully fell asleep next to his one-month son, and in the morning found his lifeless body.

He was her second child. That evening she usually put him to sleep in the crib next to his bed and went to sleep herself. The night the baby woke up to eat and she took him in. Waking up at 8 in the morning, Amanda Saucedo realized – with the child something not so.

“I woke up and saw that he was, as usual, clung to me – he loved to do. But his face was unusually pale, and the nostrils something was leaking. I sat down and realized that my Ben around the pool of blood,” recalls Amanda.

First thought – no, no, this can’t happen in reality. But then she realized that Ben will never Wake up. This day was for Amanda the worst day of her life.

The autopsy showed no signs of strangulation or blockage of the Airways. Most likely, the cause of Ben’s death was sudden infant death Syndrome (SIDS). This sudden death of apparently healthy child under 1 year from respiratory arrest, with an autopsy can not establish the cause of death.

To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend to put children to sleep in a separate bed, standing next to a parent. In the crib should not have pillows or soft blankets in which the baby could nuzzle in. For this reason, it is better to remove all soft toys. In addition, kids it is better to swaddle or use a special baby sleeping bag.

… after Ben’s death it’s been two years. Now Amanda Saucedo is committed to spread among young parents information about how to safely arrange for sleeping babies.

“I feel it is my duty to inform and assist parents in this matter. Until death I will not cease to ask yourself – would my baby be alive if I hadn’t taken him to your bed?”

Source: dailymail.co.uk Anna Stachura

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