“He died just allergies!” The mother of 11-year-old boy warns parents

December 9, 2016

This is just one slice of cake – nothing to worry about. And only after swallowing it, he realized what happened.

From early childhood her son suffered from asthma and allergies to nuts and peanuts. When he was 11, the boy tried a piece of cake – not knowing that his part was nuts. The only visible reactions were a tiny pimple, he jumped up on the lip. She anointed him with ointment from an Allergy.

“I had no idea what was happening inside him. Externally Oakley looked perfectly normal. He played with his cousins, and then took a shower and brushed my teeth,” recalls the boy’s mother Meryl Gibbs.

But after 15 minutes after a shower he began to complain of abdominal pain. Then began vomiting. Meryl decided that it was poisoning, which soon will pass. After Oakley pulled out, he again felt better.

“But it was not for long. Soon, the vomiting resumed, and we called an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived he was blue,” says Meryl.

Oakley’s heart stopped an hour and a half after he ate the ill-fated cake.

Trying to make some sense of the absurd death of his son, family Debbs opened a charity Fund for the dissemination of information about food allergies and its dangers. They called it Sneaker Red (“Red sneakers”) – in memory of the Oakley whose athletic shoes have always been red.

Meryl Gibbs hopes that they will be able to achieve the announcement of the special day in the calendar for raising awareness of food allergies.

“My beautiful, amazing, talented, adorable son wasn’t supposed to die,” she says.

Experts on food allergies find it difficult to say how often people can be such a delayed reaction to a banned product, as it happened at Oakley. After all, before his allergies manifested in a much milder form.

“Fatal reactions are rare, but there is no guarantee that this can’t happen in the future, if still allergies manifested you, for example, only six eruptions,” says allergist and Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Todd green.

At the slightest suspicion that the bad health of the child may be a reaction to a banned product, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Source: today.com Anna Stachura

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