Haircut on your own? Yes! Just follow the instructions

December 12, 2016

To get rid of split ends, trim the bangs — all this can be done only in the cabin, do you think? But, no!

Garrett Williams, stylist from around the world, told us what methods you can use to adjust your hair style without leaving home.

If the ends flogged

“Pick up a strand thickness of a match, and twist into a tight tourniquet so that the tips of the hair began to puff up. Now take a sharp-pointed scissors or a razor and spend on these protruding ends toward the tips. So you cut off the split ends without damaging the hair and without spoiling the shape of the haircut.

If you need to fix the bangs

Caution! “Wash your hair and dry completely. This is important because wet hair seems longer, and so there is a risk that you’ll cut more than you need. Comb the bangs straight forward, let the hair stick to his forehead. Sharp scissors, remove the length, strictly following the General line of the cut, which in past times formed your stylist. Cut no more than a half centimeter, one slice take a strand no thicker than a match. If you wear a bangs, follow the same steps, just before the haircut satelite bangs as wear. Most important: slowly and carefully.

If the hair is just too long

Divide the hair into 4 equal pieces “squares” and every collect in the tail. Each tail split another 4 -tail, now we cut to the same length. You’ll get an even haircut, but with a sensible difference between the strands.


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