Gray beautiful! Proper staining and care

December 18, 2016

It is considered that the gray hairs appear only in adulthood, however, gray is more common in young women. Is it possible to delay its occurrence and how to fight it, says Ruslan Tajiev, the art Director of Paul Mitchell

Causes of gray hair

The appearance of gray hair due to genetic factors. Some are beginning to turn gray at 25, others 50. A role in this process may play a stress, poor nutrition, bad ecology. But the leading factor is genetics. If your parents turned gray early, most likely, you will face similar problem. But, in contrast to alopecia, gray hair problem is solved easily and quickly.

Many women have noticed the first gray hair, pulling them. It is absolutely senseless. From what you pull out of the hair, the melanin responsible for the color produced will not, and gray hair is gradually going to become more and more.

Coloring of gray hair

How to color gray? If you want to get rid of gray hair, find a good colorist, especially if you have gray hair you have more than 25-30%. Home dyes are not always cope with the gray hair and can give unwanted shades, so don’t skimp on salon coloring using professional products.

The easiest to dye your hair a shade identical to natural. You can even use shampoo dye for gray hair – modern dyes provide a sufficiently thick coating to hide the gray and keep the bright shade for 4-5 weeks. On gray hair looks good in the highlights with bright shades of blonde (of course not at 100 percent gray). A great option – all kinds of streamers of color (Ombre, Shatush) in natural light colours.

Noble grey cold shade (the so-called “salt and pepper”) can be left as is. It looks very elegant, of course, if a woman is not trying to look twenty. 6 bad hairstyles that add age, see here.


Remember that gray hair is rather hard. To make them more elastic and silky, include moisturizing care products such as mask with amino acids, seaweed and vegetable oils.

Tanya Shelkunova, the editor of the site

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